My Rules

I'm 100% serious

Chapter 3

My New Rules

1. Inner circle is for Co writers only

2. You have to follow the storyline, meaning you can't go into your own little world leaving the rest of us out

3. There will be absolutely no favoritism what so ever (example, if Elijah is your favorite Mikaelson good for you but I am a Mikaelson so saying so is disrespectful and therefore unnecessary in the story) people who are not Mikaelson are not excluded from this rule so don't try to think you can find a loop hole there aren't any.

4. You aren't allowed to do gross scenes without permission and then as previously stated you need to label it in the title of your chapter so those of us who don't want to read it can avoid it

5. If you know me at all you know i'm obessessive/possessive and over protective so go anywhere near, talk to, look at, etc my siblings, my friends or my Stefan without me and I will get pissed off

6. There will be absolutely no secrets what so ever, you want to keep secrets you might as well cut out your character's tongues before you join my stories because it isn't happening

7. The phrase "it has nothing to do with you" in my stories is pure crap; if it has to do with my friends, my family or my Stefan in anyway it has to do with me

8. If you have a kid in any Verison of ripper and they were born after Matthew they will either be preteens, children or babies in the stories (no exceptions) yes this includes spin offs too and if they were born in the same year as Mattie like Merissa they can be teens but they have to be 16 or younger (no exceptions)

If I come up with more I will post them

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