Ten Random Things About Me

So, I know I don't put much personal info out there- that's for security purposes (I was branded with internet safety use at a young age) , but for those of you who want to know me better, here's ten random things about me!

Chapter 1

Top Ten

by: Darsha
1) I love to sing. It's my favorite activity though I fail epically everything. I sing while cleaning, while walking, while doing homework. Singing all the time. It drives my family crazy

2) I love group stories. They are my absolute favorite thing on Quibblo, besides getting to know other users!

3) I can tap dance.

4) I despise frogs. Snakes, worms, fish- I can handle those. But when a frog comes into my vicinity.....

5) I have several Broadway Musicals memorized. Not because I was in them, but because I listened to the sound track so much.

6) Being on time is very important to me. I hate being late. Even if I manage it fashionably.

7) Hunger games. Catching fire. Mockingjay. And did I mention the Hunger Games? Love this series!

8) Star Wars quotes are second nature to me.

9) Costumes are my can of worms. I love doing costumes for any event. Heck, I went on my first date in a Katniss Everdeen costume on accident.

10) I am a Christian. I love God with all my heart. He comes first. But I also respect other religions and beliefs. I love you no matter what you believe.



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