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Chapter 1


by: Darsha
As I walked forward
Faster Still,
Eager to find what life had in store,
Never a coward
Get my Fill,
I couldn't at once enter every door.

The purpose of time
I didn't see,
As I tried to take in all at once.
Bind and unhappy
Searched for a key,
Never saw the passing months.

Saw too far too soon
What time could do,
Aged, weary, sick, and dying.
It was "Someone else"
Never me but you,
Didn't realize how I could fall without trying.

At the end of life
I saw my ways,
How I never saw what really mattered.
To say my strife
Was my only day,
Heartfelt memories were few and scattered.

Resolve I did,
Out of grief and regret,
From sadness of what I missed out.
To live each moment
And speak to al whom I've met,
With savor, the memory and all it's about.

For love is timeless
But memories fade,
Forget a face, remember the feeling.
Of when their love
Touched you and bade,
The creation of what is timeless


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