Kill Her to Save Her

You can give criticism even though this really was just emotion, but if you see something helpful to say about it, then please let me know for future poems that actually deserve better format and flow.

Chapter 1


She can no longer take the pain:
the pain of being forgotten
the pain of being invisible
the pain caused from the words unspoken
and she's so sick of the lies people feed her
that made her feel the hope that rested in her heart
when in all truth no one gives a damn.
And now- well now what is she supposed to do with that pain?
It's killing her
It's suffocating her
It's driving her insane.
So she pleads with you since there's no other option
if you're going to lie to her
if you're going to give her even the slightest bit of hope
save it by stabbing her heart then burning it
so she can fade to ash and never have to feel again.


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