Heroes of the Leaf (Naruto Fanfic) Plot Summary: Arc 1 - Triple Threat

Heroes of the Leaf (Naruto Fanfic) Plot Summary: Arc 1 - Triple Threat

I'm just gonna summarize and list what I wanted for the first season. There will be little to no dialogue on this post and I will not spend much time elaborating details (gonna assume most readers already know a lot about Naruto). Story takes place months after the events of the movie Naruto: The Last. Also, I posted this on https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11531159/1/Heroes-of-the-Leaf-a-Naruto-fanfic as well.

Chapter 1

Rated R for Robots

The story begins with an unknown army of shinobi robots invading the Hidden Sand (Sunagakure). Though they cause a lot of destruction and devastation in the village, the 5th Kazekage Gaara, Kankuro, Temari, Baki, and other Sand ninja manage to fend off all the robots (with Kankuro trying to collect as many as he could when he learned they can be controlled like the rest of his puppets). However, one remains--he is a hooded android armed with dual light sabers who challenges Gaara to a brief one on one fight. The android boasts incredible teleportation skills and the capacity to create multiple Particle Style fields, a technique not even the 3rd Tsuchikage Onoki could use to that extent. But despite the android's potential, the fight ends in a stalemate as Gaara has all the sand in the village to back him up as well as the Magnet Style which hinders the android from fighting at full strength. The android retreats and Gaara hurries to send a warning message to other villages.

Meanwhile, it was dawn at the Hidden Leaf (Konohagakure) and the village are in for one hell of a surprise. (By the way, if this were an anime, I'd demand that Naruto be voiced by a man by now!) Before Gaara's warning could reach, the same robots have already begun their invasion in the Leaf. The Leaf ninja travel all over their village to destroy every robot they could find. Team 7, composed of Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Sai eventually encounter an android replica of Madara Uchiha. The replica is nowhere near the original Madara's level but is still a formidable foe. In the midst of battle, it is able to obtain invaluable data on Naruto, which gets transfered to the androids' HQ. After Team 7 defeats the android, it prepares to self destruct and set off an explosion that would incinerate the entire village. At that point, Team 7 are already out of chakra, but fortunately Kakashi (who is the 6th Hokage then) arrives and shuts the bomb down with his Lightning Blade.

Kakashi then tells Team 7 about the message he received from Gaara. Both Kage had deduced that the robots were most likely targeting all five of the Great Nations but has yet to hear from the remaining three. (Let it be known that the civilians in those three nations have been evacuated to safety before chaos can occur.) With the situation taken care of in the Leaf, Kakashi has decided to send three teams along with former Taka members, each of whom would help reinforce the other nations. The teams are:
- Team Guy: Rock Lee, Tenten, Kabuto, and Suigetsu (need someone to fill in Neji's vacancy :( )
- Team 10: Choji, Ino, Shikamaru, and Jugo
- Team 8: Kiba, Hinata, Shino, and Karin

While the teams went on their ways to their assigned villages, the executive androids discussed their plans at their HQ. It was in their plan that the Leaf, informed by the Sand and attacked before the other three villages were, would send reinforcements to those three. In doing so, the androids could then send their strongest to wipe out of those three and the Leaf's reinforcements, reducing the latter's military power allthewhile. However, they are slightly dismayed by the fact that the Leaf merely sent teams of only four to aid the villages. Nevertheless, they continue their agenda. The android Qing Long is sent to attack the Hidden Mist (Kirigakure), Shinimaru to attack the Hidden Stone (Iwagakure), and Cy Condor to the Hidden Cloud (Kumogakure). Three fierce battles are about to commence!

In the http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/k1ZuvVe/Heroes-of-the-Leaf-Naruto-Fanfic-Plot-Summary-Arc-1-Triple-Threat?story_chapter=2 (next chapter)…
- Team Guy vs Qing Long (Part 1)
- Hidden Mist Village
By the way, only reason I'm providing links to the next chapter here is because I'm skeptical of whether people actually notice the provided links to other chapters below.

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