Group Story Sign Ups.. (Originals/Vampire Diaries)

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Chapter 1


I have three storylines in mind...

Storyline one: What if When Mikael found out about Niklaus not being his, he didn't care, because He had cheated on Esther, with Dahlia. He had secretly been having an affair with Dahlia, and had made a family with her. A daughter. What if Silas and Amara had a daughter as well, whom Tessa never found out about, and that daughter took the immortality spell. What if Esther had more than one child with Ansel, a daughter, Niklaus' only one year apart sister. And what if Tatia had a daughter, with Elijah?

Storyline two: Finn has Freya as a twin. Kai has Jo as a twin. What if Tyler Lockwood, Matt Donovan, Jeremy Gilbert and Stefan Salvatore had twins as well?

Storyline three: This is basically about Hope. Along with the child of Kalijah, Stelena and Bamon.


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