Poems and Quotes I Liked


Chapter 1

Part 1

by: BookNerd_

Once I dive into these pages
I may not come out for ages

Books have powers over me
Inside a book I am not free.

I am a prisoner in a land
Of paper and print in my hand.

But do not worry.
Do not fear.
I am happy captive here.
She paints a pretty picture but the story has a twist: the paintbrush is a needle and the canvas is her wrist.

 The synopsis looked good,
the cover looked nice,
you opened the book,
and began a new life.
you found a new home,
you met some new friends,
you kept on reading,
hoping it would never end.

You danced through the pages,
you sang out the words,
you felt all their joy,
all their pain and their hurt.

The pages cut your fingers,
and the words cut your heart
like the author had a knife,
and was tearing your soul apart.

You laughed with the characters,
and with them you cried,
you fell in love with them, too,
but with them you died.

And when the book reached it's end,
and your broken heart couldn't heal,
you suddenly realized that;

Hushabye baby your almost dead.
You don't have a pulse, and your pillow is red.
Your family hates you,
Your friends let you bleed.
Sleep tight with a knife,
Cause its all you need.


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