Kingdom's Secrets

Princess Evalina Verly Bates is the daughter of the queen and king of the supernatural race. Their cozy kingdom of Veirceton will soon be taken over with terror of wars and destruction by the humans who want them all to disappear.

Chapter 1

We will live for another day..

by: 2Xtreme
Princess Evalina roamed through hallways of the bedrooms. She couldn't keep herself settle in her room after what had been discussed the other night.

A war? In the perfect world of Veirceton? Our kingdom has been nothing but nice to surrounding countries and kingdoms. Why exterminate our people? She had asked her mother and father plenty of times that night. The thought of death just scared her.

King Verly had been announcing what was going on in the royal garden. It was to be televised to all of the kingdom. Evalina watched from her television in her own room.

"Sir Fitz, I think I might venture out to the marketplace. No need to follow" She called out her door for her loyal butler. She grabbed a cardigan and headed out the door, her butler trying to stop her.

"Miss, please, I mustn't let you get hurt. It's dangerous." The butler begged.

"You can follow, just don't get in the way of my fun!" Evalina still had a child-like spunk to her personality.

As the princess headed out into her kingdom, she sees a group villagers gathered around a radio, listening to her father's speech. She hops over the join the group.''

"Don't worry, my people, my father and his forces will protect us all. I'm sure of it! We willl live for another day." Evalina exclaimed. But was that really sure? She was positive our forces' mana stats and weapon stats were off the charts but somedays, it looks like we are all to weak to do anything against the humans.

"Thank you, Lady Evalina! Your joy brings hope to us all." Someone called for her as she smiled and headed off.

Skipping through the market, she sees a younger man, about her age, tripping, his goods falling to the ground. Evalina quickly takes action to help out the man

"Hello sir, are you new to Veirceton?" She asks, looking into his deep purple eyes.

"Uh, yes! You are Princess Evalina! It's honor to meet you." The man gets up and bows to her.

"I hope you are enjoying our wonderful kingdom." Evalina couldn't take her eyes off this man. She thought he was attractive but there was also something that was very mystifying about him.

"I am very much enjoying it here!" Oh, my name is Sir Ike Swanly. I am a wizarding vampire second scholar." He smiled at the princess and bows again.

"It's a pleasure to meet you I-Ike." She stuttered as she said his name. "You don't mind if talk a bit? I'd love to get to know you." She felt here face getting red. Ike laughed.

"For you, of course, princess!" He grabbed his bag and the the items that Evalina had picked up for him as he helped her up. Evalina looked around for her butler who had probably lost her in mix of things.

"You're a very interesting man, Sir Ike." She said and giggled. She and Ike walked out of the market, towards the forest and river. She could hear her butler call from the market but she easily ignored him and followed Sir Ike. Evalina was hypnotized to him. It was almost surreal until the darkness hit her. She remembered falling and seeing Sir Ike's face.

Princess Evalina awoke in a dark room, around her was pitch black. She stretches and makes her way to sit up to see the deep purple eyes, glowing in the distance. Her body was tired and she had felt like all her enegy had left her. She thought her sleep was just a peaceful nap, but it felt like something more.

"I-Ike..?" She tried to get out of the bed but most of her limbs felt so frail. She saw the purple eyes come closer and closer to her until he was right there.

"Princess, the war is over, you're the only demonic being left."


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