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Chapter 3

HoH Competition Round 1 Results

by: BassBoy
You have 30 seconds to examine your jar of jelly beans. Your time starts now.

The Houseguests twisted and shook the jars around estimating how many jelly beans were in their jar.

Your time is up Houseguests. Please write down your guess on the chalkboard.

Alexis, Daisy, Austin, Julia, Eden, and Tori wrote down their answers and slid their chalkboards into a slot so it was viewable. Cameron, Laila, and Em looked like they were having a hard time.

I need an answer Houseguests.

Cameron, Laila, and Em still wouldn't answer.

Cameron, Laila, Evelyn you have failed to answer the question of round one and have been eliminated from the competition. Please step down and sit off to the side.

The eliminated Houseguests stepped down from their booths and sat by the mini bar.

Now, for round one results. I'm sorry Julia, you guessed 48, and that was farthest away from the answer. You have been eliminated from the competition. Please step down and join the other eliminated Houseguests.

Julia stepped out of her booth and walked to the mini bar and began chatting with the others.

Congratulations remaining Houseguests, you have moved on to round 2. Now's your chance to change your estimates...

(Please message me if you'd like to change your answers. If you would not then don't message me.)

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