Happy Birthday, Lucy

This is for my best friend who was like the little sister I always wanted. I love you, Lucy and I miss you so much

Chapter 1

In Loving Memory of Lucy Eleanor Adams

Dear Lucy,

My little friend who I will never ever forget. You are the reason I survived that week, the hardest week of my life and the worst thing that's ever happened to me. How I wish you were still alive today.

But I can't say I blame you for leaving. That week was hard on both of us but I know it was something more than hard for you. I just wish you had told me how much you were hurting.

You were like a sister to me, the first real friend I ever had. I'll never forget your beautiful little face, your amazing laugh, that gap between your two front teeth that you always loved. I'll never forget you, Little Lucy.

Happy birthday, little one. You should have lived to see your eleventh birthday, but God had other plans. What those plans were and why he would let a little angel like you be hurt in such a way that would cause you to take your own life I can only guess.

I just hope you can hear this birthday wish. Know that I treasure the note you left me more than any other object in my life. I read it every night before I lay down for bed, just like I read it that fateful day your parents found you hanging, lifeless, in your room.

Lucy, I miss you so much and I wish you were here now. Know that I love you like a sister, darling.

Rest in peace, Little Lucy.

Your friend,
Samantha Avery Walker


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