The Nutty Squirrel

(Hi Guys This is my short story for Idol Round Three. I was going to post last night but I wasn't able to. And I was stuck almost 6 hours traveling by train with no wifi so wasn't able to post it then. So hopefully this still counts since the dead line is supposed to be the 16th. which is today. Anyways enjoy.

Chapter 1

The Nutty Squirrel

There once was a little squirrel, who loved nuts. More so than any other squirrel. He would hoard his nuts in these little oak tree that he had hollowed out.

His love for nuts grew to such an amount that the little squirrel began stealing other squirrel's nuts. This causes for the other squirrels to be very mad at him. They didn't like him at all. It was because if this that they refuse to be there friends with him. However, the squirrel didn't care. He was happy with all his nuts.

That is. Until disaster struck. One day while out searching for more nuts, a lighting bolt struck the tree causing for it to burst into flames. The squirrel screeched in fright. He was going nuts over losing his nuts. He tried everything to put out the fire but it was no use. Not only was the tree burnt to the ground, but he no longer had a place to live if any nuts at all.

He fell to his knees and began to cry. He had lost everything. The other squirrels soon saw the flames and rushed to the scene seeing the sight before them. Sure, they had hated the squirrel, but it broke there heart to see him so sad. They took pity on him and offered him a place to stay in there trees and even willingly gave over some of there nuts. This causes him to smile. Not only did he had nuts and a place to stay, but he has friends as well now. He learned that nuts and all are great, but it is a lot more greater when you have friends to share it with.

The End


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