Immoritally Original- Vampire Diaries (My Way Book 1)

Immoritally Original- Vampire Diaries (My Way Book 1)

This is fiction, please keep rude comments to yourselves, I hope you like my story and thank you so much for your time

A little bit Vampire Diaries, a little bit Original, a little bit Mikaelson Tale, a little bit Ripper and The Psycho and a little bit Originals


Chapter 1

My Character

Name: Alessandra
Nickname: Alessa
Species: Immortal/Witch
Age: 16
Best Friends: Katherine Pierce, Stefan Salvatore, Elena Gilbert and Tom Avery
Secondary Best Friends: Damon Salvatore and Sarah Salvatore
Friends: Jeremy Gilbert, Tyler Lockwood, Kai Parker and Markos
Love Interest: Tom Avery
Family: Silas (Father), Amara (Mother), Markos (Ex-Fiancée)
Unnamed Relatives
Unnamed Doppelgängers of Silas (Descendants)
Giuseppe's Unnamed Family and Relatives (Descendants)
Giuseppe Salvatore (Distant Descendant)
Lillian Salvatore (Distant Descendant-In-Law)
Damon Salvatore (Distant Descendant)
Stefan Salvatore (Distant Descendant)
Zachariah Salvatore's Father (Distant Descendant)
Zachariah Salvatore (Distant Descendant)
Zachariah's Unnamed Child (Distant Descendant)
Joseph Salvatore (Distant Descendant)
Joseph Salvatore's Unnamed Son (Distant Descendant)
Zach Salvatore (Distant Descendant)
Tom Avery (Distant Descendant, True Love)
Sarah Salvatore (Distant Descendant)
Unnamed Relatives
Tatia (Distant Descendant)
Tatia's Family and Relatives (Distant Descendants)
Tatia's Unnamed Child (Distant Descendant)
Mr. Petrov (Distant Descendant)
Mrs. Petrova (Distant Descendant-In-Law)
Katerina Petrova (Distant Descendant)
Katerina Petrova's Unnamed Younger Sister (Distant Descendant)
Nadia Petrova (Distant Descendant)
Nadia's Unnamed Child (Distant Descendant)
Isobel Flemming (Distant Descendant)
Elena Gilbert (Distant Descendant)
Angela Mikaelson (Alessa's First Doppleganger) This is fiction go with it
Tatia Katerina Mikaelson, Matthew Mikaelson Salvatore, Katherine Salvatore, Alexia Salvatore, Lorenzo Ian Salvatore and Danny Kaleb Salvatore (Angela's children, due to a fertility spell)
Nina Mikaelson (Tatia's daughter out of wedlock due to a fertility spell)
Daniel Joseph Salvatore (Matthew's future Adoptive Son)
Claire Angela Salvatore (Katherine's Future daughter out of wedlock due to a fertility spell)
Paul Stefan Salvatore (Alexia's future Son)
Torrey Meredith Melissa Salvatore (Lorenzo's
Future daughter, Alessa's Second doppleganger)
Kaleb Salvatore (Danny's Future Son)


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