Heroes of the Leaf: Arc 2 - Mano a Mano

Heroes of the Leaf: Arc 2 - Mano a Mano

Welcome to Arc 2 of my summary of my fanfic Heroes of the Leaf. If you haven't read http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/k1ZuvVe/Heroes-of-the-Leaf-Naruto-Fanfic-Plot-Summary-Arc-1-Triple-Threat (Arc 1) yet, please read that first. Done? Awesome. Without further ado, buckle up because we're gonna have a lot of epic fights in this arc! Not immediately, but soon.

Chapter 1

Enter N-Unit 001: Jet!

Suigetsu, Karin, and Jugo remained in their assigned villages to assist the shinobi there. By nighttime, the Teams 8, 10, and Guy have all returned to the Leaf safely. But it is no time for rest! Having witnessed the threat of the androids, everyone is training arduously in preparation for another attack, especially Rock Lee and Choji.

However, Team 7 and Orochimaru, who stops by at Kabuto’s to get healed, are surprised that Jet, who chose to go to the Leaf, hasn’t attacked or even threatened the village yet. Truth is, Jet is sleeping in the Hokage mountains out of boredom due to nighttime inactivity (but in his sleep mode, he can automatically eavesdrop on Atsushi’s board meetings from far away, not that it interests him much).

The next morning, Lee, having been inspired by Qing Long’s courses, offers to help train Choji in a series of extreme physical exercises. Despite having lost a lot of weight from his Butterfly Mode, Choji still tires and hungers easily, but that does not stop Lee from pushing him constantly with hundreds of push-ups, sit-ups, obstacle courses, running, and so much more. To keep Choji motivated, Lee would even hold delicious food plates near him as a reward (though not a lot each time).

In the meantime, Tenten is preparing new gear and weapons that she will practice using. Hinata and Ino help her as training partners. Shikamaru, Kiba and Akamaru, and Shino train together. When they take a break, Shikamaru and Shino settle down to play a game of shogi. Although Shikamaru wins, he is impressed by how close Shino has come to winning.

What no one notices at all is Jet observing everything in the village from the Hokage mountains to sate his curiosity. After seeing enough of the shinobi training, he proceeds to carve his own face onto the mountain right next Kakashi’s sculpture with his own fists and some lasers.

This captures everyone’s attention and the shinobi in the village begin pursuing him only to get beaten down. The members of Teams Guy, 10, and 8 (including to very surprised Hinata) all try to stop Jet from causing more trouble to the village. All the same, they get defeated for Jet is equipped with various weapons well suited for stopping each opponent from the Leaf:
- Flash bomb against Hinata’s Byakugan
- Stink bomb against Kiba and Akamaru
- Pesticides against Shino’s bugs
- Chakra drainer on Shikamaru’s Shadow Possession Jutsu
- Virtual genjutsu trap on Ino
- Rocket fists to Choji
- Electric barriers against Lee’s taijutsu

And against Tenten, he just steals her scrolls and uses them against her and everyone else.

Jet continues to cause more mischief and chaos in the village (but treats Ichiraku Ramen fairly well, printing out patronage for them and even erecting a protective barrier around the shop; yes he can turn food into energy or in other words, eat).

However, during the skirmish, Shino manages to place a Kidaichu into Jet’s right shoulder, in fury about the insects Jet killed with his pesticide. Although the Kidaichu cannot expand inside Jet’s mechanical body, it does hinder Jet from using certain techniques.

Later, Kakashi and Team 7 arrive to stop and capture Jet. Jet still proves to be a formidable opponent, but this time, because of the bug Shino planted in him, Team 7 have an easier time attacking him. The bug also causes some of Jet’s weapons and techniques to malfunction. For instance, charging up a Rasengan cannon merely propels him backwards like a popped hot air balloon. Much to Naruto’s confusion, Jet can be heard cursing Shino for the bug in his system.

Eventually, he is stopped, captured, and put into standby inside a capsule where the Leaf’s intel unit try to gather info from him. Meanwhile, a Five Kage meeting is held in the summit at the Land of Iron to discuss the androids’ threats and Kakashi needs to be there posthaste. And so he leaves with Naruto and Yamato alongside him.

http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/k2AjeoB/Heroes-of-the-Leaf-Arc-2-Mano-a-Mano?story_chapter=2 (Click here) to read the next chapter.

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