Heroes of the Leaf: Arc 2 - Mano a Mano

Heroes of the Leaf: Arc 2 - Mano a Mano

Welcome to Arc 2 of my summary of my fanfic Heroes of the Leaf. If you haven't read http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/k1ZuvVe/Heroes-of-the-Leaf-Naruto-Fanfic-Plot-Summary-Arc-1-Triple-Threat (Arc 1) yet, please read that first. Done? Awesome. Without further ado, buckle up because we're gonna have a lot of epic fights in this arc! Not immediately, but soon.

Chapter 10

Giants of Destruction

Shino hurries along the subway tunnel while convincing himself that despite how flawed his plan was to pursue Reikaku, at this point he has no other choice but to follow through. He continues until he detect thousands of dimly lit letter bombs all over the tunnel walls about to explode. Realizing he had walked into a long trap, Shino quickly gets out of range as the myriad of tags detonate, blowing up not just a long segment of the tunnel but also much of the mountain range surrounding that segment, leaving behind nothing but a gigantic chasm between where Shino is and the other side of the tunnel.

If it wasn’t obvious enough to Shino, it appears that Reikaku had been expecting Shino to chase him and even planned a trap this far. But why? Well, this is going to take a while! Shino thinks while looking at the huge chasm.

Choji Akimichi vs Kosho

Choji and Kosho continue their battle. Although Choji is able to keep Kosho on his toes, he is already getting tired from the battle while the android is still in good shape. Kosho has proven powerful enough to toss Choji around even in his giant butterfly form and nail the Akimichi with explosive Fire Style taijutsu.

Kosho mocks Choji for his lack of strength and calls him a ‘scrawny lightweight,’ which surprises Choji who has always been used to being insulted for being fat. He recalls his extreme weight loss from the battle in the Hidden Cloud against Cy Condor and never regaining much due to partaking in Rock Lee’s intense training exercises.

Meanwhile, Kosho takes notice of Aohana’s defeat at the hands of Ino. He expresses great annoyance at his team for being killed one by one by mere shinobi who aren’t even ranked that high. Finally losing his patience, Kosho decides to end his battle with Choji quickly and destroy the Hidden Leaf village with his full power. He enters his Neo Path Plus and in a massive fiery explosion, Kosho transforms into a gigantic, red and white armored robot, even larger than Choji’s maximum size.

Kosho immediately starts to shoot a barrage of Explosion Style napalm grenades in various directions, obliterating different parts of the village one by one. Choji quickly expands his chakra wings to block Kosho’s indiscriminate attack. Kosho punches through Choji’s defenses and knocks him far back, while mocking him and stating his desire to turn the village into a literal “Land of Fire.”

Mitsuo observes from a distance, noting how hasty Kosho has become. He contemplates on what his next move should be given the situation at hand. Although Mitsuo was victorious in his own battle with Sai, with three comrades fallen he cannot guarantee Kosho’s success, nor can Mitsuo assure that he himself will be as lucky in his next battle. And yet, with Kosho’s Neo Path Plus employed, the village is seemingly on the brink of destruction...

All of the Leaf’s shinobi are already exhausted (some even killed) from their battles with not only the androids but also a with robot army that followed sometime later. Indeed, each executive android leads unique brands of robots designed to compliment their master’s abilities and preferences, and each brand more advanced than the common robot shinobi units. Of course, even the deaths of their masters wouldn’t stop them from continuing their line of duty as programmed. And now with Kosho on a rampage, Choji realizes that if he doesn’t do anything soon, the Hidden Leaf and all its shinobi are doomed. But he too is nearly drained of all his chakra.

Choji then recollects everything he’s learned from his late master Asuma and his experiences with the Fourth Shinobi War to fuel his determination. He then pulls out the Akimichi Clan’s Three Colored Pills, which he hasn’t used ever since the Sasuke Retrieval mission. They are powerful pills that can convert body fat into power but at a high cost of health. But unlike before, Choji hardly has any fat in him at all right now; even the green spinach pill could kill him for sure. However, Choji is prepared to give his life to save the village, as those before him would have done. He swallows the spinach pill...

More and more of the village is being engulfed by Kosho’s flames with many surfaces even melted into lava. Kosho charges up a giant red and white fireball with his two hands raised above him, ready to deal the village one final blow. However, he is sent far out of the village by a colossal punch. Kosho looks on to see Choji, now something of red, overly muscular titan with bright blue chakra in his hair, eyes, and even his breath, and he is just as big as Kosho himself.

Choji then goes on to tackle Kosho at a forest of a safe distance from the village, to the Leaf shinobi’s slight relief. Noticing this as an opportunity, Mitsuo launches his next move. He had long prepared an elaborate arrangement of diamond shaped crystals all over the village since he arrived. Although everyone began to notice the glowing crystals floating up into the air, they are unable to do anything about them.

Mitsuo uses his Crystal Style: Holy Prison, in which the floating crystals form a network of light beams that generate an extremely solid barrier of light that domes the entire village, isolating it from the rest of the world. The light of the barrier also has the uncanny ability to power up all the robots within. Mitsuo gloats in his feat and makes his leave from Konoha, as whether the village is destroyed or not, or whether the shinobi of the Leaf survive or not, it is checkmate. The Leaf shinobi could not get out of the apparently impenetrable light dome and no one else could get into the village.

It also means that Choji and Kosho are both separated from the village as well. Therefore Choji can fight Kosho without any restraints as the Holy Prison can at least protect the village from their attacks. However, Kosho also informs Choji that even if he does “miraculously defeat him,” there wouldn’t be anyone around to save him. Kosho is well aware of Choji’s enhancement and can see its side effects clearly. After all, Choji’s muscles were already tearing out of his skin, with nothing but chakra left to protect his otherwise vulnerable body.

Meanwhile, having already made it across the railroad gap, Shino too could see the glowing barrier over his village. He wonders what is going on. Suddenly, Shino hears someone commenting on Mitsuo’s barrier and sees Reikaku standing right beside him. Reikaku mocks Shino for coming alone too far to even go back and help his village. He then pushes Shino off the cliff towards the cloudy abyss before leaving...

Choji and Kosho continue to exchange blows over the forest, with each step shaking the earth and sounds echoing over long distances. Annoyed that the two are evenly matched in raw strength, Kosho activates his flamethrowers, which are strong enough to push Choji back, pinning him onto the exterior of Mitsuo’s Holy Prison. Mustering enough strength, Choji repels Kosho’s flames and lands a heavy downward punch on Kosho, causing the gargantuan android to collapse.

However, Kosho quickly launches several napalm missiles upward at Choji. The explosions pierce Choji’s wall of chakra, hurting him greatly and forcing him back. Kosho then activates several rotary cannons, which unleash fire pillars tilting in various directions in a desperate attempt to finish the now defenseless Choji, but unfortunately for him, he has not counted on Choji braving the scorching flames.

Indeed, with the last of his strength, Choji jumps high up in the air and dives right through the fire pillars to crush Kosho once and for all with a single punch, much to Kosho’s astonishment. But before the android can react any longer, he explodes in a massive cylinder of flames that incinerates all the surrounding trees.

Having taken the full brunt of the explosion himself, Choji barely survives but is in critical condition. He begins to collapse while shrinking back in a flurry of butterfly-shaped chakra. As he slowly and unconsciously descends, more memories of his late master come to him...

End of Choji vs Kosho

Back in the village, the shinobi are almost finished with the remaining robots. Kabuto, Ino, and Shizune hurriedly attend to all the wounded ninja. Hinata and Sai scan the village before confirming that Mitsuo is no longer in the village. And finally, Orochimaru is looking for a way to bring down Mitsuo’s prison.

Meanwhile, on the way to the Land of Iron, Sasuke notices Jet in the sky gliding over him at high speed. Alarmed, Sasuke wonders if Jet is headed towards the Five Kage Summit as well. If so, at his current pace, Sasuke will not be able to reach his destination before Jet does. As he picks up the pace, Kiba and Akamaru, Sakura, Shikamaru, and Tenten struggle to catch up to him.

“What took you guys so long?!” asks Sasuke, to which Tenten responds with frustration. Sasuke explains that he cannot slow down anymore for everyone else now that Jet is already ahead. He bluntly tells the other four to speed up or return to the Leaf, a demand that provokes Kiba--and by extension Akamaru--to zoom right past Sasuke (to his slight surprise) and brag about his self-proclaimed superior speed. While Sakura and Tenten are less than pleased with Kiba’s attitude, Shikamaru simply warns Kiba to preserve his chakra if he’s using any, for they will likely be up against more powerful androids soon.

And indeed, as the Five Kage meeting takes place, five androids have already begun setting their elaborate trap over the summit. The procedure for their collaboration jutsu is a long, possibly even tedious one, but if all goes well for them, their jutsu ought to succeed.

Back over on Shino’s side, the young Aburame flew back up to the cliff in a sphere of insects. Reikaku is no longer in the vicinity, but Shino knows the android is past the railway tunnel; and beyond the last tunnel is the city of refuge for all the Five Nations’ civilians…!

Featured profile

- Born July 28, Leo
- Human blood type: O
- Irritable, impatient, blunt
- Explosion Style, Fire Style, enhanced strength, incendiary weapons
- Tall and fat, nearly bald with red hair and thick eyebrows, muscular

Arc 3 is now available! http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/k5uIzwH/Heroes-of-the-Leaf-Arc-3-Countdown-to-Warfare (Click here) to check it out.

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