Heroes of the Leaf: Arc 2 - Mano a Mano

Heroes of the Leaf: Arc 2 - Mano a Mano

Welcome to Arc 2 of my summary of my fanfic Heroes of the Leaf. If you haven't read http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/k1ZuvVe/Heroes-of-the-Leaf-Naruto-Fanfic-Plot-Summary-Arc-1-Triple-Threat (Arc 1) yet, please read that first. Done? Awesome. Without further ado, buckle up because we're gonna have a lot of epic fights in this arc! Not immediately, but soon.

Chapter 2

'Round the Town We Go

Hours have passed since Kakashi, Naruto, and Yamato left for the summit. The Leaf have also begun to transport their civilians to the same refuge town that the civilians and feudal lords from the other Great Nations are sent to, via a hidden subway train.

In the meantime, the Intel unit is finally able to extract information from Jet on the televised eavesdropping he had last night. Apparently, Atsushi Oshiro knew of the scheduled Five Kage summit meeting and has sent a group of androids to trap and assassinate all five Kage in one feel swoop.

Upon hearing this, Sasuke leaves and hurries to get to the summit at the Land of Iron before the androids could. However, in order to preserve chakra for potential fights, he does not use his Rinnegan’s teleportation jutsu and instead relies on his own speed. Sakura, Shikamaru, Kiba, and Tenten, who were present with him at the time follow him.

Meanwhile, Shino who witnesses the five leave, is briefly reminded of the Sasuke Retrieval mission that he couldn’t help out with. However, he quickly changes this mindset on the grounds that he can and should help his village out in one of many other possible ways. And so, he opts to secure the village with his own skills and methods. In fact, he finds that it is better that he does stay in the village... because he is the first to detect the arrival of an enemy...

Reikaku teleports into the Hidden Leaf, seemingly unnoticed. He is in the village to find Jet as well as perform reconnaissance. Reikaku notes how quiet the Leaf has become. He knows for a fact that the Hokage is gone for the summit meeting, but Naruto and Sasuke are nowhere to be seen either. And like those of all the other five Great Nations, the civilians have left as well. But where have they gone, he wonders.

Suddenly, Shino arrives and swings his Insect Sword at him. Reikaku swiftly dodges. He recognizes Shino from the Hidden Stone mission. Reikaku comments on how he thought he had killed Shino and confirmed his death yet finds him alive and well in the village. Shino does not give him an explanation and proceeds to fight his enemy.

Shino sends his swarm of insects towards Reikaku, but the latter teleports behind to attack with his light sabers, which Shino blocks with his Insect Sword. Reikaku then backs off and encases Shino in a Particle Style field. However, before he can set of its explosion, Shino cuts away the energy sphere in the middle of the field to nullify it with his sword.

Shino explains that he learned from Onoki how to effectively cancel a Particle Style jutsu: since it is a Kekkei Tota requiring three elemental chakra natures to form, a slight disruption of their balance will negate its existence. As such, Shino’s Insect Sword can eat away at the chakra present in the energy sphere.

With this in mind, Reikaku resorts to using his Particle Style as diversions, summoning multiple fields of varying shapes, some even taking the form of shuriken. Shino is able to stop just about everyone of them with his Insect Barrier and Insect Sword. However, Reikaku sneaks up behind him and bisects Shino diagonally with his saber. No longer trusting his scanner to confirm Shino’s apparent death, Reikaku obliterates him with his Particle Style and teleports to another location of the Leaf.

However, much to his surprise, Shino reappears and ambushes Reikaku! Reikaku wonders even more how Shino is able to avoid certain death and reappear out of nowhere. He begins to wonder if Shino is also capable of space-time teleportation jutsu, but there is no record of any Aburame with such a power. Now curious about Shino’s powers, he teleports away without trying to kill him.

Reikaku then warps to different locations in the Leaf multiple times only to encounter Shino each time. Finally, he teleports onto the top of the Hokage mountains to get a bird’s eye view of the village as well as a better view of Shino’s movements. Shino, who notices Reikaku from far away deduces that Reikaku wishes to figure out his jutsu. Shino then weaves his handsigns.

Reikaku pays close attention to Shino until he notices just about all of the Leaf ninja being alerted of his presence. Reikaku then hypothesizes that Shino is capable of telecommunication techniques similar to those of Intel units.

In any case, Reikaku’s plan was to survey the village unnoticed but with this many shinobi now notified about him, he quickly warps into the interior of the Hokage mountains and contacts five other androids to begin a full out assault on the Leaf village while searching for Jet. Those five then hurry to the Leaf, leading hordes of robots to the village. Reikaku then enters a hidden gate inside the cave while Shino searches the village for him.

Moments afterwards, the androids and robots arrive and attack the village. The five leading androids are:

Kosho - A large, red haired, monstrous-looking man armed with napalm weapons. He appears to be the leader of this small group.

Mitsuo - A flamboyant, crystalline figure.

Aohana - Effeminate looking man with fluffy, blue, flower-like hair.

Tsuneo - A tall, muscular man with sunglasses and an afro.

Sadako - A melancholy looking young lady with pale skin and long black hair covering most of her face.

Kosho violently blasts the village with his napalm cannon but is confronted by a giant Choji in his Butterfly Mode. Meanwhile, Sadako infiltrates the Intel base killing the shinobi after her. Mitsuo makes his way into the Root headquarters, fighting the ANBU present. Aohana travels around various parts of the village, planting deadly blue flowers of varying sizes with his own chakra, bringing down many of the Leaf shinobi targeting him.

Shino fights off the robots around him until some of his insects notify him of Reikaku’s presence in the mountains.

Rock Lee, who had been training arduously, is late to notice the assault, so he quickly hurries to assist the Leaf. He then notices Tsuneo fighting off the Leaf ninja against him with what looked like fast karate moves (either that or it was a dance). Lee arrives and confronts Tsuneo.

After the two introduce each other, Tsuneo breaks from his stern expression into a hysterical laughter upon hearing Lee call himself “the Handsome Green Devil” of the Leaf. Tsuneo makes fun of Lee’s appearance and states that the “Handsome Devil” title should belong to Tsuneo himself. Furious at Tsuneo’s insults, Lee retaliates by ridiculing Tsuneo’s afro, which infuriates him, prompting the two to finally go at each other...

...and we shall see how that plays out in the http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/k2AjeoB/Heroes-of-the-Leaf-Arc-2-Mano-a-Mano?story_chapter=3 (next chapter)!

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