Heroes of the Leaf: Arc 2 - Mano a Mano

Heroes of the Leaf: Arc 2 - Mano a Mano

Welcome to Arc 2 of my summary of my fanfic Heroes of the Leaf. If you haven't read http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/k1ZuvVe/Heroes-of-the-Leaf-Naruto-Fanfic-Plot-Summary-Arc-1-Triple-Threat (Arc 1) yet, please read that first. Done? Awesome. Without further ado, buckle up because we're gonna have a lot of epic fights in this arc! Not immediately, but soon.

Chapter 3

Fast and Furious

Shino hurries into the Hokage mountain caves in search of Reikaku. Much to his surprise, he encounters and fights off White Zetsu clones along the way, each modified into robotic androids. He wonders why they’re still around, even after the Fourth Shinobi War.

And the one spreading the White Zetsu happens to be Aohana who is outside giving the plant beings orders. However, they are interrupted by Ino, who kills the surrounding White Zetsu and confronts Aohana. She asks him who he is and why he has access to the White Zetsu, but Aohana merely responds that he is obviously an android.

Seeking details from him, Ino attempts to read his mind, but just like her struggle with Jet, her own mind gets trapped in a genjutsu--in Aohana’s case, one with light blue flower petals floating around everywhere. She begins to wonder if all androids have this defense against her jutsu.

However, she is able to dispel the genjutsu simply by returning her mind back to her body, just in time to defend herself from Aohana’s attack. Aohana comments on Ino’s beauty and states his desire to give her a coup de grace. However, Ino insults him and his feminine name. The two then begin exchanging blows in serious combat.

Rock Lee vs Tsuneo. Begin!

Meanwhile, back over on Lee and Tsuneo’s side, Lee rushes towards him and prepares a Leaf Hurricane, to which Tsuneo merely blocks by stretching out his long arm. Lee follows it up with more punches and kicks; in response, Tsuneo blocks, dodges, and knocks Lee aside with a mere slap to the head. “Gonna have to do better than that,” Tsuneo taunts. But Lee quickly gets back up, stating he is only warming up and that “the real fight begins now!”

Lee then begins moving at incredible speed and attacking Tsuneo at various angles but the latter continues to block and evade Lee’s attacks, until Lee almost lands a kick to the face. However, Tsuneo suddenly vanishes to Lee’s astonishment. A split second later, Tsuneo reappears from Lee’s blind spot and hits him far back with his palm.

Tsuneo then rushes over to Lee and is now on the offensive. With long arms and legs, his quick taijutsu becomes a challenge for Lee to dodge. As Lee notes, even if taijutsu is Tsuneo’s fighting style, the length of his arms and legs practically make him a mid range fighter, and one whose speed may even rival Lee’s. Nevertheless, Lee has been training in the same style as the challenges Qing Long created back in the Hidden Mist, though it hasn’t been long. With that in mind, Lee is determined to bear the fruits of all his hard work.

Lee begins by opening his First Gate. Before long, he is bringing the fight to Tsuneo. Both move at blinding speeds but Lee is finally able to land a few hits on his opponent (while sustaining some from Tsuneo as well). Tsuneo commends Lee for his speed boost. Lee also notes that Tsuneo’s speed is beyond anything he’s seen in taijutsu. It is as though that speed is a very part of Tsuneo’s nature. Indeed, Tsuneo tends to vanish and reappear unpredictably, but it isn’t space-time teleportation nor the Body Flicker technique. Rather, Tsuneo appears to be blending in with the wind with his arms striking like swords. His speed continues to increase and Lee struggles even more to catch up to him.

Realizing his current speed has been surpassed, Lee quickly leaps away from Tsuneo while catching his breath. Lee asks Tsuneo what kind of jutsu he is using. Tsuneo replies that his speed is his Kekkei Genkai. Lee recalls that the androids have an affinity for an elemental Kekkei Genkai. But what element is Tsuneo’s Kekkei Genkai? Tsuneo states that he is a Quick Style user, to Lee’s disbelief.

Lee has never heard of such an element. Speed? Really? Can moving so fast actually be an elemental nature? One would think that Lee and any fast ninja would possess such an element then and yet Tsuneo’s movements clearly differ. Tsuneo explains that the Quick Style is an element of the body that defies all physical laws. Once he taps into it, gravity, friction, ice physics, and even air pressure are meaningless to him.

Tsuneo states that it’s a surprise that Lee can even hit him at all with his limited speed. He jumps into the air and spins both legs around like a propeller. Tsuneo then uses his Quick Style: Aerial Tap Dance, which he rapidly kicks at the ground below, shattering it. Lee struggles to evade but the shattered ground make it more difficult to do so. He then opens his Second Gate to increase his speed and get out of Tsuneo’s Tap Dance.

However, whenever he tries to attack Tsuneo, the latter counters with more fancy Quick Style dance moves that throw him far back. Lee then sees that at the current rate, he would need to open at least the next three Gates to have a chance. It is unclear to him how Tsuneo stacks up in comparison to Qing Long as against the latter, Lee at least had his friends to assist him. But now he is fighting an android on his own, who, in terms of raw speed, is faster than Qing Long.

Tsuneo appears right in front of Lee to deliver an attack that knocks Lee up in the air. He then follows it up with a Quick Style: Fist Barrage that Lee blocks with his arms before opening his Third Gate and escapes Tsuneo’s attack. He kicks Tsuneo from his right, causing him to stagger and notice Lee’s reddened skin. Tsuneo sees this as a sign that Lee finally means business if he hadn’t already.

Tsuneo go up to Lee do deliver a knee slam, but Lee opens his Fourth gate, vanishes, reappears from above, and kicks Tsuneo straight in the face, sending him down to the ground. He wonders why Lee’s speed and power is increasing so drastically; Tsuneo has never heard of nor witnessed the true power of the Eight Gates.

Finally, Lee opens his Fifth Gate and proceeds to deal Tsuneo with the Forbidden Lotus. As Tsuneo struggles to dodge the attack, Lee pummels him at supersonic speeds. However, Tsuneo is determined to prove that he is still faster, which he may be, but Lee is already able to predict his attacks, pull in his arm, and elbow hard him in the gut causing Tsuneo to bleed. Lee then overwhelms Tsuneo with the full brunt of the Forbidden Lotus.

Tsuneo falls to the ground, heavily injured and in utter disbelief at Lee’s seemingly superior taijutsu. Meanwhile, Lee descends and gradually closes his Gates. He is tired, but not nearly as much as he was after using the Forbidden Lotus on Gaara back in the Chunin Exams. Angry and humiliated, Tsuneo gets on his feet declaring Lee to be unforgivable.

Lee is surprised to see that Tsuneo can still get up after getting pummeled by the Forbidden Lotus. Tsuneo admits to Lee that he is much more than meets the eye, but now he is able to tap into his true potential as both an android and a taijutsu master (and dancer actually). With enthusiasm and excitement, he begins to perform some dance moves. Lee looks on, dumbfounded by Tsuneo’s behavior along with the fact that now he’s even making such big movements after the Forbidden Lotus.

(Cue disco music...)

Tsuneo shouts out “Neo Path Plus!” and lets out a surge of chakra while continuing his dance. He then begins to transform, gradually becoming more robotic. His arms and legs are now clad in steel, his afro becomes a disco ball, and his torso and shoulders now heavily armored. Tsuneo now appears to have a much bigger build and is maybe even taller.

Lee wonders what this bizarre transformation is. Tsuneo explains that it is a recent upgrade given to the androids since Qing Long, Cy Condor, and Shinimaru’s failures (and brief flashback to Qing Long angrily stating he did not fail and was merely called back). This upgrade is called the Neo Path Plus which allows an android to unleash his true power in various forms. Some androids will transform themselves into a robot with that upgrade, some will use it to create a mechanical extension of their power, and some may do both. Now, his speed, strength, and defense has increased significantly, which he will demonstrate to Lee...

After finishing his explanation, Tsuneo rams into Lee before he can even react sending him flying into a building. Lee quickly reopens his first five Gates, which causes him pain but not enough to keep him from moving. Tsuneo notes that Lee’s early jutsu must have taken a huge toll on him and so he decides to put Lee out of his misery. But Lee remains determined to defeat his opponent and once more the two exchange blows while moving at blistering speeds. Tsuneo is now able to keep up and predict Lee’s movements, while Lee is gradually beginning to slow down due to fatigue, leaving him open to an attack that sends him downward.

Lee launches himself back up and towards Tsuneo who commends Lee for his guts. However, just as Lee is about land his hit on him, Tsuneo flickers a distance away, turns on the lights on his spinning disco ball head, aims both his hand palms at Lee, and unleashes a blast of light and sound, meant to stun and put Lee in a wild stupor. Lee, whose Gates are now closed, begins wobbling like a deflated balloon.

Laughing triumphantly, Tsuneo begins to gloat over his apparent victory and perceived overall superiority over his opponent. He states as the “true handsome devil” he is destined to win all such “gentlemen’s matches.” And then continues to ramble on about it until he realizes that Lee cannot hear him in the “pathetic, broken state” he is in. Tsuneo decides to put an end to his opponent’s life quickly and painlessly.

He uses his Quick Style: Spear Jab in which he launches his hand, with all fingers pointed at his target, at high speed and retracts it just as quickly. With such speed and accuracy, this attack should not miss his opponent, and yet Tsuneo’s Spear Jab misses the wobbling Lee by an inch. Tsuneo figures he was too careless due to overconfidence, so he tries his attack again...

...but once more, it misses Lee. No, Lee is deliberately dodging them, despite his stupor. Getting impatient, Tsuneo uses his Spear Jab more and more frequently until rapid succession. Not once does it meet his target. And then suddenly, Lee appears right in front of Tsuneo and delivers an upward kick to his chin, to Tsuneo’s shock.

Lee then begins to bash Tsuneo verbally in an unusually cranky tone. He then proceeds to attack Tsuneo again but aimlessly. Tsuneo is surprised that Lee could still hit him but notes that since he is still in his stupor, he cannot fight him seriously. However, Lee’s attacks become even faster and stronger, forcing Tsuneo to have to trade blows with him again. What’s more, Lee has become far more unpredictable.

Yep, you guessed, Lee is using the Art of the Drunken Fist! Another style Tsuneo is unfamiliar with, but what he does realize is that the “Party Lights” he used on Lee earlier has certainly backfire and that he has underestimated his opponent. Although Tsuneo still proves to be a dangerous force of destruction, even his most advanced techniques are failing to catch Lee.

Tsuneo then resorts to his Quick Style: Elite Beat Heat (I know, derivative name) where he leaps into air, flips upside down, rotates at an incredible speed, and shoots a barrage of lasers from his disco ball afro which Lee manages to avoid most of, but he still gets a hit a few times and sustains a few minor burns.

However, that is not enough to sober him. Lee rushes up to Tsuneo again, but this time, Tsuneo has had it with him. He draws two chakra swords from his hands, which he uses to slash Lee in the face and the back. And with that, Lee finally regains his normal consciousness and wonders what is going on.

He realizes that their fight is still ongoing when he sees Tsuneo wielding his two swords backhand. Tsuneo states that swordsmanship is not his style but once he does resort to it, he is guaranteed to win. Despite the pain, Lee reopens his Five Gates and fights Tsuneo once more.

Tsuneo’s Quick Style: Rapid Swordplay is comparable to a fast hurricane of blades which wounds Lee enough to nearly close his Gates for him. However, Lee remains determined to win so he endures the pain and reopens his Gates. Tsuneo asks Lee why he is so persistent. Lee replies that as a shinobi of the Leaf he has a village and friends to protect. But that is not all, he has a dream to live for as well.

And with that, Lee opens his Sixth Gate, in which his sweat vaporizes into an aura of blue energy. Then, using the Morning Peacock, he punches out flames in rapid succession and Tsuneo counters them with a combination of his Rapid Swordplay and Elite Beat Heat lasers until Lee finishes his series of punches. Both are exhausted from that exchange.

Lee then prepares to open his Seventh Gate but is still unable to, and trying that only hurt him. Tsuneo uses that as an opportunity to finish Lee off, but as tired as he is himself, he can no longer move to him fast enough with the Quick Style, enabling Lee to focus the remainder of all the energy of his six opened Gates in one final blow.

As soon as Tsuneo gets close enough to him, Lee fires an extremely powerful beam of heat and energy from his fist that blasts through Tsuneo, finally finishing the android off once and for all, shattering and burning down his robotic parts completely.

Lee closes his Gates and breathes heavily as he looks on at Tsuneo who is now in his original form lying on the ground with a massive hole in where his stomach would be. Still conscious, the defeated android asks Lee just what kind of jutsu he used. Lee then explains to him about the Eight Gates and the rigorous training he had to take to master at least six of the Gates.

Tsuneo is amazed upon learning that such highly advanced taijutsu existed and that he cannot even imagine what training Lee would have to go through to master it. Lee tells him that for all his life, he had to train himself arduously in taijutsu alone because he has no skill nor talent in ninjutsu or genjutsu, which astonishes Tsuneo. “None... at all?!” Tsuneo asks. “You’re kidding!”

Lee continues to explain in his younger days, he nearly gave up on being a shinobi as well until he met his master, Might Guy, a taijutsu master himself who inspired Lee to never give up on his dream and prove that even he can be a worthy shinobi, as a genius in taijutsu. That is how Lee came to be. Taijutsu has become a huge part of him, as though he were taijutsu itself. He is even told by others that he can fight even in his sleep. And in his fight with Tsuneo, Lee held nothing back.

After hearing all of this from Lee, Tsuneo quietly compliments Lee’s hard work, determination, and worthiness as a shinobi. And in his dying breath, he states that he is glad he could fight such an opponent before his life can end. Lee looks on as Tsuneo dies, before collapsing himself from fatigue.

End of Lee vs Tsuneo

Kosho continues his own fight with Choji while noticing Tsuneo's death which he finds pathetic. Aohana, whom Ino had tried to interrogate, tries to get answers from Ino himself about where Jet is being kept. Mitsuo begins to remodel the Root base while still searching for Jet. He notes that although Jet should definitely still be in the village, his sensors are not working. Mitsuo begins to think about how well the village might have hid him. And indeed, deep inside the Intel Unit’s facilities, Sadako manages to find Jet first, who appears to be locked inside a capsule protected by strong chakra barriers.

Meanwhile, Hinata helps Konohamaru and his friends out by fending off the robots around them. Konohamaru thanks her and then tells her that he heard some strange sounds coming from the Intel facilities, which Hinata agrees to check. Once she gets inside, she notes that it is completely dark as though the lights are broken or power is down. But http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/k2AjeoB/Heroes-of-the-Leaf-Arc-2-Mano-a-Mano?story_chapter=4 (what she sees next) horrifies her...

Featured profile

- Born March 21, Aries
- Human Blood Type: B
- Quick Style dance moves and taijutsu
- Tall muscular man in white with an afro, sunglasses, and a thin mustache and goatee
- Macho, energetic, proud

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