The Long And Boring Tales Of Me

I guess I'll just be updating you guys on my life and big things going on and all that. So I suppose read if you like, I'd like you too, comments are always nice, messages are even nicer. I'd really like to get to know some of you guys.

Chapter 1

2 Days Left

Wow. As of today, 16th September 2015, I have 2 days of high school left, forever. Holy crap, I am so scared but so excited.
Our final assembly and all that jazz is this Friday.
After that is 2 weeks holiday/study vacation (StuVac), then 1 week of hella study before my HSC starts. For non Aussies, that's our super big last exams which are spread over about 4 weeks.
Afterwards I am hoping to be accepted into CSU Albury into their Speech and Language Pathology course, really really hoping I get in, otherwise I have no idea what I'm going to do with my life.
Today was our muck up day thing, we flash mobbed our assembly in costumes and did Watch Me Whip, and filled our principals office with balloons and had activities and all that all day which was fun.
Anyway, Hope you guys don't get too bored with my ranting business, hopefully I can narrate some interesting stuff.

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