Group Story Sign-Ups ~ Read Chapter 3 Please! :)

Chapter 1

Sign Up!

by: pensively
Hey guys! I've been feeling kind of...down lately, so I decided, why not start a group story? I've been seeing several sign-up sheets around, so I decided to start my own :) Fans of dystopic and fantastical worlds, follow me please!

Note: Please read as much as you can. There's a lot of info, so PLEASE try to get through it. I want to make sure you know everything before you decide to sign up.

The Story

Sometime in the future, an experiment in a lab went horribly wrong. A sudden outbreak of toxic waste pollutes the environment, causing plants and animals to mutate. Plants grew much faster, growing over cities, and before long, very few species of plants were edible. This also caused many other creatures to die out. However, the animals mutated as well, becoming stronger, faster, growing extra appendages and strange new abilities.
Since this has happened, the government has collapsed, leaving panicked cities full of people who don't know how to handle things. Cities and towns dispersed, and smaller colonies and alliances formed as everyone tries to find a way to survive. With little edible food and drinkable water, plants growing too quickly and becoming too strong for humanity to control, and dangerous new animals running through the streets, humanity itself is dying out.

But animals and plants aren't the only creatures to mutate. Before long, a sliver of the remaining population of humans began to evolve, growing and gaining animal-like features. People have grown wings, claws, and enhanced senses. Some develop fur or feather coats, or tails or ears. With humanity already weakened, these mutated humans are deemed too dangerous, and are cast out of the small societies that have begun forming.

The story begins at this point in time. Mutants are still considered fairly rare, but are thought to be incredibly dangerous as the rest of society, the "normals," are beginning to build new cities. Now alone, the mutants are left to find a life on the outskirts of the newly forming towns. However, the mutants soon come together and begin to form a colony of their own, hoping someday to integrate into regular society.

However, society continues to reject them. It doesn't take long after the mutants come together before threats are made.

For the sake of spoilers, ideas I had past this point will be kept until you enter the story. :) I'm sure you can guess what comes next though!

The Characters

Let's talk character, shall we?

Your character can be a human("normal"), a mutant, or a human who becomes a mutant over the course of the story. If you have any ideas that would work with the story, let me know and I might make an exception, but it has to tie in with the plot.

But please, if you're doing a mutant, don't take it too far. Don't give your character wings, wolverine claws, and enhanced speed and vision and hearing and so on. Pick a few traits shared by one animal or two similar animals. For example, your character could have cat claws, a tail, and be more flexible than the average human. If you want to be a mutant, try to put at least one physical mutation component in, but I'm flexible. Maybe there could be a human disguised as a mutant in hiding...ooh! :)

As for the ratios of humans to mutants, boys to girls, and different personality traits to different personality traits, well, I'm flexible. As for species, which is humans and mutants, I'm flexible. We could have a complete crew of mutants, or one human ally (or enemy!) and a bunch of mutants, or a bunch of humans. That can twist the plot and add different perspective, so I'm willing to work with that.

As for gender and personality trait ratios, well, let's try to be broad. Like I said, I'm pretty flexible, but I don't want a whole gang of like-minded people, or a bunch of girls. (Please, though, don't stress too much over this. Try to be different, but don't sweat it too much.)

Mutation Examples:

Here are some examples. Feel free to use them! :) I would suggest picking three-ish that go together, like bat wings, night vision, and echolocation. Remember, please use animal traits. I may make an exception, but you need to have some logic or something behind it.

~Claws or fangs
~Night vision
~Camouflage abilities (like a chameleon)
~Suction cups on feet and hands to allow walking on walls and ceilings
~Enhanced senses: sight, smell, hearing, etc.
~Enhanced reflexes
~Increased physical traits: speed, strength, flexibility, durability, etc.
~Feathers or fur
~Bird wings
~Bat wings
~Animal features such as animals ears, a tail, talons, etc.


Yes, there are some rules. I'm sorry. I'll keep this section as short as I can, but please try to read it all.

1. Be timely. Try to be timely in your writing. I understand if you're busy; I really do. If you have dilemmas, talk to me and I promise we'll work it out. But please try to let me know if you're going to be busy! I won't kick anyone out unless it gets really bad (by which I mean disappearing for, like, three months without warning).

2. Be consistent. Be consistent to the plot, your character, and everyone else's character. If you're not sure how to handle the dialogue for other characters, talk to the author of that character and have them help.

3. Don't be a Mary-Sue! Don't be a power player or a perfect person! Nobody's perfect, so please don't construct an invincible character. Like I said earlier, try to keep any mutations to three or four traits, or even less. People are complex.

4. You may not be chosen to write. I may not have a lot of people sign up. If I don't, then everyone will get in. :) But in the case you don't get accepted, I'm sorry in advance! I promise it's nothing personal; it's simply because of limited spots, and I'm looking for certain characters. You're awesome and you will get a gift basket if you're not chosen. Buut this isn't likely unless I have a lot of people, which isn't to be expected. Just keep this rule in mind.

5. Ask me for any help! Don't hesitate to ask! I'll respond as soon as I can. :)

The Form!

Keep in mind the character rules while you fill this out!

*Name: * Last name is optional!
Age: Preferable between 12 and 22.
Species: Are you a human, mutant, or a human to mutant?
Mutations: Only required if you are at any point in the story a mutant.
Appearance: You can include a photo, but a basic description is required alongside.
Personality: Please make this relatively detailed. Remember, humans are complex. Add strengths and weaknesses!
Background: This doesn't need to be super long and deep if you don't want it to. Of course, if you want to be elaborate, go for it, but don't sweat over this section.
Love interest:

My charrie:

Name: Astrid
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Species: Mutant
Mutations: Astrid has mutated similarly to a chameleon. She can change the color of her skin at will(as well as her clothing, but nothing more), and on her hands and feet she has suction cups. When she is barefoot, she can climb on vertical surfaces. In addition to her chameleon features, much of her skin has been covered with soft, pale green scales.
Appearance: Astrid is a slim girl with a light build and stands at about five foot six. She has thick, dark brown hair that falls just past her waste in soft waves. Due to her mutations, she has soft, pale green scales that cover most of her body, including her arms, legs, and face. Her eyes are round and large, also slightly resembling a chameleon's, and are a bright electric blue.
Personality: Astrid is a withdrawn, independent individual who prefers to go it alone then tackle things as a team. While she's not necessarily rude to others, she tends to hold herself back, and rarely interacts; she's much more invested in her work. She loves to read and study, and spends much of her time sneaking books from the "normals" to read. Astrid always has her guard up as well, and when someone upsets her or she wants to hide, she quickly makes use of her camouflage ability. Beneath her barriers, however, she is simply awkward and uncertain, and has impossibly high standards of herself. As a perfectionist, failure is simply not an option for her, and she tends to stress over every little bump in the road.
Background: Growing up as a regular human, Astrid was always taught to hate mutants. At the age of nine, however, she discovered she could change the colors of her skin as well as her clothes, and revealed this to her parents. Her parents decided to keep her abilities a secret in hopes that she would not mutate any more, but a little while later she began growing scales. When the village discovered this, they instantly booted her out to the outskirts of town and into the overgrown forest beyond. With the secret help of her parents, she learned how to take care of herself. However, once it was discovered that her parents were helping her, the town cast them out as well, but they sent them out to a different city so that they could not continue to help Astrid. Living on her own for years, she developed a strong sense of independence, and continues to prefer to be alone.
Love interest: Undecided, but open :)
Other: :)


Relax, and be yourself! :) Don't fret too much over making your character; just remember not to make it perfect. We can work anything out that needs to be worked out. I'm flexible!

You're awesome, and I hope some of you will consider signing up!

Thanks for reading!

~Love, Tabby!

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