100 Small Things in Life to Love (Chapter 39)

Hey guys! This was an idea I came up with at 3:00 last night. XD All the details about this are in the intro. Thanks for reading! :)

Chapter 1


Hey Quibblonians! So I know this isn't an original idea, I'm sure a lot of people have come up with this but I thought that I might do one on my own. The reason I created this is because I know some people are dealing with depression or even suicidal thoughts, and I just want to let people know there are so many things in life to appreciate and love, even the little things. Anyways, I'm going to post everyday something to love about life! I have no idea where this will go and if I will make it to 100 but I'll try! I'll take suggestions and I really appreciate comments, ratings, and views!

Thank you! :)

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