christains listen up.

christains listen up.

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Chapter 1

my soul does NOT need saving!!

So, to start off, my essay thing here is my religious life story:

When I was a Christian I was a very evil person. I did harm to people, drew horrible things and did horrible things in the name of god. I cannot and will never be able to have a family of my own because your god commanded it be so. I wanted one badly and still do. I was terrorized by mannequins in my dreams and in real life every single day and night nonstop for six years. I prayed and prayed to god and NOTHING ever happened. I pleaded with him to help me. He did not. Plus the grownups that I was with day after day were evil to kids themselves. I had to stop going to my church because of these people. I was verbally beaten up everyday by these people and my parents (they actually did it more physically) who are atheists now. I was being terrorized with Satan talk and hellfire talk. (hope you guys know what I'm getting at there). They saw what they were doing also so that is why they became atheists. A little while later I read the entire bible and I was horrified at what was in it. That is when I started having these dreams where your gods themselves were killing me, my family and other people. So I bowed down to Satan, and everything that was happening to me at that time and before stopped. in my dreams Satan was the pure one and together we have been killing your gods angles and followers because they are the true evil ones in my dreams. He has opened my eyes to see the truth. I have supernatural powers now like foretelling the future, and I have more knowledge than I've ever had in my life and Satan is the one who gave them to me. And my school life. your god is the one who has been destroying my life. I have friends now (very few) whereas when I was a Christian I did not have any (none, zero). I used to be terrorized by everything and now I'm not terrorized by anything. I have literally stopped with all of my bad doings like saying bad words nonstop, doing bad things in the name of your god, and so on.

So, with that said, why do you want me to live those horrible years all over again?? Why do you want me to worship your god who did absolutely nothing to help me?? So STOP with the "you are going to hell thing if you do not get saved" and just let me be saved in my own religion now. Okay? Okay. Thanks.


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