Chapter 1


I can't help but believe that my depression would cease,
If my stomach were flat enough to hide beneath my breasts,
And my collar bone were more defined,
And my hip bones were more easily noticed.
Maybe my reflection wouldn't look so plain,
If my jawline was a bit more of a line,
If my cheeks were slimmer,
If my face shape was more of a heart and less round,
And my cheekbones prominent on my face.
If I work hard enough maybe my skin will pull against my ribs,
And when I stretch each morning you'll get a glimpse of them.
I won't eat breakfast anymore and perhaps my arms will be smaller,
And no more lunch,
I want the same for my legs,
To flatten my stomach I'll throw up dinner,
If only my genes were different,
I might already be skinnier.
How I dream to have a perfect hourglass,
And the "I woke up like this" type of style,
Something that someone,
Might see and think:

This one's worth while.


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