Quibblo Welcome Committee Sign-Ups!

Chapter 1


Hello, and welcome to the official Quibblo Welcoming Committee account! This community is part of the QOrg Community as well, but anyone has a shot at being accepted!


As of right nwo, we are introducing the committee as well as having sign-ups. In order for this committee to function properly, we need members! We need people for certain positions that will be explained below. Thank you for taking a look at our page, and please consider signing up!

Our Mission

We want to ensure that all new Quibblonians start out on the right foot here at Quibblo! This means making sure they get the help and support they need to get a strong start, as well as making friends and learning about our community as a whole. We are here to provide advice and welcome them into this community.

First impressions can make a big difference, and we want Quibblo to become as awesome as it possibly can by welcoming and encouraging our new friends to make themselves heard in our community.

Rules and Requirements

In order to have a well-functioning committee, a few rules need to be put down before you can sign up.

1. Please make an attempt to be active! Try to contribute as much as you can! If there's some sort of dilemma or upcoming plans that render you unable to log on for awhile, let us know and we'll be happy to work things out.

2. Be respectful to everyone! Be a nice person, please...especially to newcomers. This committee needs to be made up of people who will follow this one, so please make an effort to be kind and considerate.

3. Remember to contact us if you have any questions about anything. We're always happy to work any issues concerning this committee out, including upcoming plans, questions about your job, and more.

Positions to Fill

There are different specific jobs for everyone! Here are the possibilities:

Guidemakers--A guide-makers duty is to create helpful guides and lists for Quibblonians to access if they have questions. An example of a guide can be found here: http://justpaste.it/welcometoquibblo This is intended for people who are good at design and making, well, guides! This job is a lighter task, so if you're looking for something that doesn't come with a lot of pressure or responsibility, this might be a good fit.

Newbie Finders--This job is very important! These people will go out, find new users, and report them to the committee. Not only that, but they also can post a welcome message on their profile. This job, while easier, requires a little more time than a Guidemaker, but not so much that it's considered a heavy job. However, it is essential to the operation. It's not quite as personal as a Reach-out, but still requires some sort of friendly manner, as they will be commenting on profiles.

Befrienders--Befrienders are the people who help the newbies make friends! Not only do they befriend the newbie...their job is to help them find other users to befriend. This means asking other users about befriending them, suggesting good users for them to befriend, and helping them get out there into the community. About the same level duty-wise as a newbie finder.

Reach-outs--This job is for those who consider themselves people people! These friendly people are to find the newbies that the Newbie Finders found and be their personal buddy. They need to befriend, chat, and offer their services as a Quibblonian for help. These people must be able to display friendliness and be helpful and considerate. This may require more time than a NF, as it will likely require lots of messaging.

Pretty much all jobs will be assisting in coming up with new ideas, including possible new positions and ideas on how to make the community a better place for newcomers!

Current members:

Manager: Tabbyshecat15

Vice Manager: Angel_Dreamer

Guidemakers: None

Newbie Finders: Angel_Dreamer

Befrienders: None

Reach-outs: Skittles101

The Dreaded Form!
which actually isn't dreadful :)

Position: You're welcome to apply for as many positions as you like! Just keep in mind that you may not be accepted for all of them. Some jobs are probably not going to get as many applicants, but every job needs some people.
Why are you a good fit for this team? Be honest! :)

Thank you for signing up! Before long, we will hopefully have a website, so stay posted for information concerning up. Thanks for your interest and have a nice day! :)


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