My True Love Story

It started 3 years ago, when we were both 13. What started out as a meaningless thrill, flourished into something absolutely breathtaking. A lot of people say, "Teenagers can't fall in love!" But boy, are they wrong. I'm absolutely, positively, head over heels in love. I fell in love at the most unexpected moment, with the most unexpected person, and I've never been more happy. I couldn't imagine life without him...

Chapter 1

by: DaisyFawn
I woke up alert, the sun leaking through my blinds and dancing across my room in fairytale like beams.
I stretched and tossed my covers off of me and yawned. It was 8am and that was a very early for me to be waking up, but I knew I couldn't get back to sleep.

I got up and walked across my room, my cold, clammy tiles sticking to my feet as I left. I jerked my arm as I grasped my door handle. My door was a little stuck. It opened with a bang and I walked out into the living room, where my mom, dad, and sister were sitting and talking. My parents looked at me like I had grown up before their very eyes before greeting me with an "It's alive!"

"Haha very funny." I rolled my eyes and sat down. I was sick of hearing that every single morning.

"You have a very big day ahead of you today." My mother stated with a slight smile. I looked at her with a half confused and half pained look. I had rather them not bring it up, it was sort of embarrassing.

Today was my first date with Michael Jones, my boyfriend. My first boyfriend. We had only been dating for a day before he insisted we go on a date to get to know each other more. He told me he'd pick me up the next day at 11:00 at my house. My parents were thrilled. For all they knew, this was their daughters first crush. How cute. Except it wasn't. I was always too embarrassed to tell them who I liked and told them that I had never liked anyone ever. At one point they thought I was a lesbian because I denied it so much. That was absolutely not true whatsoever. So I attempted to convince them I was asexual.

There was a giant purple elephant in the room, that even made me uncomfortable, and I'm practically immune to awkwardness. I shifted in my seat before I laughed, "stop." And shook my head in an antagonizing way and smiled. My parents look sad though, like I was a woman now and getting married. Like they were giving us their blessing. My 9 year old sister on the other hand couldn't stop making smart remarks and singing "Daisy has a boyfriend! Daisy has a boyfriend!" It's times like that where I want to punch her.

"Yeah," I snarked, "Something that you'll never have." I sang back mockingly.

"Daisy!" My parents scolded.

"I don't want one!" My sister replied, obviously flustered.

"Yeah you do." I smirked, pulling my legs up to my chest.

"Enough of the bickering!" My mom scolded again, while walking to the kitchen to pour herself another mug of coffee.
The rest of the morning, I sat restlessly watching TV.

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