Kingdom Hearts: Organization XIII Astrology (Repost)

Kingdom Hearts: Organization XIII Astrology (Repost)

I've actually posted this before on this site on my old account (but I can no longer find it, I'm afraid). But in any case, I've also posted this on DeviantArt: My repost here is slightly more detailed though.

Chapter 1

Organization XIII Astrology

I am almost certain that the personalities of the Organization XIII members (excluding Roxas and Xion) are based on astrological signs. The signs correlate to their ranking number, which can represent the month the sign occurs the most at. For example, Month 1 is January and it is Capricorn that occurs at two thirds of the month, so Rank #1 would be Capricorn, #2 would Aquarius, and so on. With that in mind, I can at least try to guess and rationalize as to why the Organization members may present their respective signs. I may not be able to justify every one of them fully, but here’s what I’ve got.

Xemnas - Rank 1 - Capricorn
At least on the web, Capricorns are described as being intelligent, practical, ambitious, and unemotional. This certainly defines Xemnas pretty well, for he is emotionless in every sense of the word and seeks to rule the universe. Capricorns love to climb to the top, and Xemnas, who obviously has a god complex, certainly fits that description. Additionally, Capricorns are goatfishes, or in other words, hybrids of two very different creatures, almost polar if you think about it: the goat that climbs the mountain to the heavens and the fish that swims into the depths of the ocean below. One's the yin and one's the yang. That in mind, Capricorns are yin yang incarnate and I believe Xemnas' powers reflect that. His power over Nothingness often takes the form of black and white streaks and my personal interpretation of that is the balance between shadow and light that Nobodies reside in. I mean, while light and darkness do cooperate to create a world, that still differs from merging the two polar extremes, which I'd imagine would cause oblivion and henceforth nothingness. But even that's not the only duality I see in Xemnas. He also commonly uses red and blue energy in different ways. His red energy takes the form of Etherial blades, which he can use as swords or projectile beams, but offensively either way. They can also cause explosions as well. Light and hot (yang) is what I get out of his red energy attacks. His blue energy, on the other hand, generates round fields with darkness inside them, which he can use defensively and offensively. He's also used a similar field to drain HP. Dark and life draining (yin) is what I get out of his blue energy attacks. That being said, Xemnas, the Superior of the In-Between is as dual and hybrid as a Capricorn.

Xigbar - Rank 2 - Aquarius
As an Aquarian, Xigbar is independent minded, unpredictable, and quirky. In fact, most snipers often do act independently. To further emphasize these traits, besides Xemnas, Xigbar has the most comprehensive knowledge of the Organization's true goals and inner workings, which he belies with his laid back demeanor and wisecracks. His element of space enables him to traverse anywhere in a world, facilitating his capabilities in reconnaissance. With that, I can imagine him expanding his knowledge all the time and at a high enough rate. Given "knowledge is power," it's also freedom, and boy is Xigbar free in spirit and skill!

Xaldin - Rank 3 - Pisces
I guess Xaldin just has the calm and insightful aspects of Pisces. Plus, he seems very opinionated on certain things, such as love and emotions, which he loathes with a passion. Also, even though Pisces tend to be very idealistic and Xaldin generally seems pragmatic, he does combine both traits into high expectations and excellent work ethics: Xaldin's seat in Where Nothing Gathers is the highest second only to Xemnas', indicating that he has successfully completed the most missions out of all the other members of the Organization. Plus, he dislikes laziness and looks down upon "amateurs" who can't work independently.

Vexen - Rank 4 - Aries
Despite wielding ice, Vexen has a bit of temper typical of an Aries. Moreover, Aries are known to be great thinkers, and this certainly suits an intellectual such as Vexen. Also, with his weapon of choice being a shield, Vexen is arguably the most defensive fighter (as Lexaeus is physically the strongest and Larxene the fastest). The dots I like to draw and connect from defense to Aries involves the wool of sheep. In various other series, I've seen sheep characters/enemies whose wool serves as additional defense for them. I'll admit, it's not the best connection I can possibly make, but one that I will insist on mentioning regardless.

Lexaeus - Rank 5 - Taurus
Lexaeus uses earth, the element for Taurus. More importantly, he is strong, stable, determined, patient, and practical--all of which are Taurus traits. I've also seen many Taurus characters with strong desires and tendencies to obtain more power, which is something we've seen in Lexaeus' battle gimmicks (much attention to power levels). In 358/2 Days, Lexaeus is the one who teaches Roxas about Limit Breaks and think about why he was chosen for that tutorial. Yes, it may well just be because he's strong enough to put Roxas to his limits with one arm swing (hilarious moment by the way), but I think it parallels with how strongly he values the Limit Break--fighting at your strongest at your last legs regardless of that very condition. Sounds very similar to Lexaeus' overall fighting style and the archetypical Taurus mentality. Plus, his weapon of choice is a tomahawk (albeit in a sword-like shape), which may parallel with Fairy Tail's minotaur depiction of the Celestial Spirit Taurus.

Zexion - Rank 6 - Gemini
Geminis are known for their double personalities and unpredictable, cunning nature. This suits Zexion, “the Cloaked Schemer,” pretty well. He can easily deceive and manipulate others with his illusions. The power to clone and mimic also befit Gemini. In addition, like the typical Gemini, Zexion is an effective communicator who is skilled with words and likes to explain things in detail.

Saix - Rank 7 - Cancer
Saix may not be as emotional as a typical Cancer, but he certainly wouldn’t let go of things he feels he has authority over, something that is a Cancer trait. Actually, he's the type to never let go of the past; Saix acknowledges himself as an emotionless Nobody but remembers very well who he was prior. Even after the ultimate rift between him and his old friend Axel, one can see the fury in his eyes when discussing Axel's death in KH2 Final Mix, despite his cold remarks. But what really got me thinking he’s a Cancer is the fact that he draws power from the moon, which is ruling “planet” of Cancer.

Axel - Rank 8 - Leo
I believe that Axel (or Lea) is a typical Leo--he is confident, warm-hearted, and outgoing. Even his original persona’s name, Lea, can easily compared to the name “Leo.” In fact, his hair could even resemble a lion’s mane! And then there’s that conversation with Roxas where he tells Roxas about the red sun in Twilight Town. The sun is the ruling “planet” of Leo. Now on an unrelated note, while this may seem like a tiny detail, it is symbolic of Axel's determination to remain friends with Roxas forever--like the color red in light, Axel will and does pursue Roxas as far as he possibly can in hopes of bringing back as we've seen in the prologue of KH2.

Demyx - Rank 9 - Virgo
Like Shikamaru (a Virgo from Naruto), he is calm, laid-back, and relaxed. He also seems to like cleanliness, as he expresses disgust in sweat (although it may just be an excuse to slack off). A lot of Virgo characters I've seen don't prefer too much violence and would rather settle things smoothly, and indeed in Demyx's case, while he proves to be a capable fighter, his techniques revolve around ranged water attacks such summoning water clones to fight for him to make life easier for him (or so I'd imagine).

Luxord - Rank 10 - Libra
The sign of Libra conveys a sense of balance and fairness, which suits Luxord pretty well. Luxord always likes to view life as a fair game. In fact, even one of moves is called “Fair Game.” Also, give him any bad or gloomy news but I can assure you Luxord will balance that out with optimistic remarks as he always does. Another characteristic of Libra is harmony and Luxord fits so well with all the worlds he is assigned to such as Wonderland and Port Royal.

Marluxia - Rank 11 - Scorpio
As a Scorpio, Marluxia is ambitious, adamant, and persuasive. Also, his flowers and his scythe both convey a theme of death. Stuff like that can either be compared to a scorpion’s sting or the Lord of Death. If the latter, we can refer to ruling “planet” of Scorpio which can be either Mars or Pluto (considering the Pluto was once regarded as a planet). But it is Pluto that represents the Death God.

Larxene - Rank 12 - Sagittarius
Larxene likes to have fun and is rather straightforward, but of which are Sagittarius traits. She can also shoot her electric knives in an arrow-like fashion. The element of lightning is also used by the Greek God Zeus, represented by the planet Jupiter which is the ruling planet for Sagittarius.

Roxas - Rank 13 - Capricorn
After Sagittarius, we're back to Capricorn. Now even though Roxas is very emotional unlike the typical Capricorn, he is still possesses the archetypical stability and stubbornness of the goat. Another characteristic of Capricorns is the reluctance to change. Now Roxas is a very dynamic character but he wishes he can hang out with Axel and Xion in Twilight Town eating ice cream and laughing all the time, something he wishes will never change (and he has my sympathy). As for his powers, he ultimately wields the Oathkeeper and Oblivion, which bear a light-darkness duality similar to the one I mentioned for Xemnas.

Xion - Rank 14 - Aquarius
Now, I don't actually have a clear justification for this one, I'm merely going down the cycle. I mean sure, Xion is born seven days after Roxas is, but it's still possible for her to bear the consecutive sign. (Pretend Roxas is born January 13. That will make Xion's birthday January 20, the first day of Aquarius.)

So these are my thoughts, let me know what you think in the comments below! Thank you for reading!


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