Anger and Affection

Chapter 1

Anger and Affection

And it runs through my veins,
From my spinal cord,
All the way to my brain.
It gets trapped in my windpipe,
In a vast sea of words,
My breath was premature and ripe.

And the smell of cigarettes fills my lungs,
As me and my love begin to touch tongues.
And then I realise that I'm the one on fire,
I'm the one burning, smelling of your smoke.
But your feelings take me higher,
So I sneak another toke.

Anger and affection,
Lots of misdirection,
Lacking of protection,
Always in detention.

Your fingers on mine,
Your hands on my neck,
But we'll never find the time.
My eyes weeping water,
But you've got bigger problems,
You're someone's daughter.

And I can feel it in my veins,
So I try to take the reins.
Through manipulation, I lose control,
I never really did what they wanted,
And all my lies of stories left untold,
Is that why my dreams are haunted?

Anger and affection,
I'm on the second section,
Take my infection,
Watch my resurrection,
Correction, erection,
Want an injection?

Anger and affection,
I'm lacking all direction.


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