The White Rose's Sister (An Ouran Love Story)

The White Rose's Sister (An Ouran Love Story)

Leala is the younger sister to Tamaki Suoh, when Tamaki is taken to live in Japan by their dad and nan, Leala and her mum are left behind. She misses her brother and is angry that her and her mum have (As she feels) been abandoned. So what happens when the choices she makes leads her to move to japan for business reasons. That also lead her to the host club and back with her older brother.

Chapter 1


Name: Leala Souh (prefers to use De Grantaine as her surname though)
Family: Anne-Sophia De Grantaine (Mother), Yuzuru Souh (Father), Shizue Souh (Grandmother) and Tamaki Souh (Older Brother)
Race: Half French, Half Japanese
Language: French (1st language), Japanese (2nd language), some german known.
Personality: Calm, Logical, intelligent, determined and stubborn. Similar to Kyoya but more open about her feelings towards people...(Unless it's more benefit to her to keep her feelings hidden). Tends to stay awake late working
Likes: Writing Spicy food, science, languages and people who show loyalty
Dislikes: Overly hyper people (with exception to Tamaki and Honey), being woken up, laziness and people who betray there family or friends.

AN: Ok i'm not going to go into detail about her family life I'm going to start with after her Dad and Nan take Tamaki to Japan...Also from being a child she has learnt Japanese Language and culture and so is fluent in both French and Japanese

So since Tamaki was taken from us, I got myself a scholarship at the local school for the rich. I made acquaintances within the publishing industry.
After publishing two highly successful books, earning over tens of thousands of euros and through parties the school put on, I met a man Mr Mason Broussard who was a prominent business man in France's Health industry owning a company that came up with new equipment for hospitals as well as several businesses devoted to finding new medicines and cures. I helped him with translations for a German client knowing a good amount of the language, this helped him make a deal and so he offered to make me a partner in his company. Being his partner in the company he aloud me to call him by his first name.

Recently Mason wanted to expand the business to other countries knowing I spoke Japanese just as fluent as I did French and the fact he didn't really know any other languages he decided to start with Japan asking if I was willing to move to Japan and run the Japanese branch of the business, that was if I could come to an arrangement with the contact he had found a Mr Ootori.

After speaking with my mum who was happy for me to do it as it meant I might get to see my brother and agreed that if I wanted to I could go as long as I kept in touch with her, I told Mason I would be happy to run things for the company in japan. He offered to pay for me to go to a school there Ouran Acadamy. I knew my dad was Chairman of the school so he would know I had moved to Japan, I wasn't sure he'd allow it what with nan's rules. However I was later surprised to find out that my father had allowed it.

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