The White Rose's Sister (An Ouran Love Story)

The White Rose's Sister (An Ouran Love Story)

Leala is the younger sister to Tamaki Suoh, when Tamaki is taken to live in Japan by their dad and nan, Leala and her mum are left behind. She misses her brother and is angry that her and her mum have (As she feels) been abandoned. So what happens when the choices she makes leads her to move to japan for business reasons. That also lead her to the host club and back with her older brother.

Chapter 2

Chapter One

After settling into my small apartment that I would be renting in Japan, I got myself something to eat, then set about planning for the business meeting I would have for Mr Ootori the next day I then changed into:
and went to bed.

I woke early the next day and checked over everything for the meeting yet again, after I got breakfast and then change I was meeting Mr Ootori for a dinner meeting and changed into:
I also put my hair up in a neat bun, I called a taxi and told them my address. Soon the taxi arrived and I was outside the restaurant that Mason told me he had arranged for me to meet with Mr Ootori. I walked in a told the man at the door I was there to see Mr Ootori, He nodded and led me to the table. When I got there I saw a man with black hair and glasses.
"Good Afternoon Mr Ootori, I'm Leala I'm Mr Broussard business partner, I'm in charge of the business here in Japan " I greeted with a small bow of my head handing him a business card, he took it and handed me his own business card.
"You seem younger than I imagined Miss Leala, I'm curious how old are you Miss" He asked with a smile
"I will be 16 this December sir, I understand you may have concerns about my age but I have helped Mr Broussard in his business quite successfully so far, If I wasn't capable he wouldn't risk giving me more responsibility" I told him truthfully.
"I must admit it is a surprise, however I will give you a chance to prove to me you would make a good associate depending how things go in this meeting, please sit" He replied the smile had gone and he looked completely serious.

A waiter came over and took our orders, the two of us talked about how our businesses would benefit each other, business talked for ages and got into a little debate that we resolved relatively quickly. We were asked if we wanted dessert both of us declined. I quickly looked over the bill, worked out my share and put the money down and Mr Ootori did the same.

The two of us left the building, I told him I would talk with Mr Broussard about what we had agreed to make sure it was ok for him as being new to actually running things I wanted to get his opinion until I gained a bit more experience, he agreed, a car pulled up for him and he left, I decided to walk home.

When I got home, I called Mason and told him what had happened. He seemed happy with what we had agreed with. He then asked me to write up a contract and I asked if it was wise as I was nervous I would mess it up. He told me to send it him when I had finished before I gave it to Mr Ootori so he could make sure it was all in order and check if any changes need to be made. I agreed, then checked on the notes I had made on what we had discussed.

By the time I had gotten home and read my notes it was late, I checked my emails, changed back into my pyjamas and went to bed tomorrow was Sunday and I was starting Ouran the day after. Tomorrow was going to be a long day making sure everything was ready for school and making a start on the contract for business with Mr Ootori. I sighed and laid in bed, as was normal for me I didn't get to sleep until two in the morning.

I hadn't set an alarm so didn't wake until 10 Sunday morning which was a lay in for me even for a weekend. I had checked several times that I had everything ready which I did, I called mum to tell her how things was going, then made a start on the contract.

I was working on the contract from one in the afternoon until around midnight, I then double check my things for school the next morning and went to bed after setting my alarm.

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