The White Rose's Sister (An Ouran Love Story)

The White Rose's Sister (An Ouran Love Story)

Leala is the younger sister to Tamaki Suoh, when Tamaki is taken to live in Japan by their dad and nan, Leala and her mum are left behind. She misses her brother and is angry that her and her mum have (As she feels) been abandoned. So what happens when the choices she makes leads her to move to japan for business reasons. That also lead her to the host club and back with her older brother.

Chapter 3

Chapter Two

Monday came and I woke early to my alarm. After shutting my alarm off I made myself a fried egg sandwich for breakfast and myself some food which I packed for dinner, I could afford school dinners but I preferred to make my own. I went back into my room and changed into my school uniform.

A yellow fitted-bodice dress with a pointed white collar and red loosely-bowed tie; high-cut bishop sleeves ending in a white cuff; and a skirt that is typically calf-length and somewhat puffy (petticoats used to maintain a bell shape). White tights and black shoes to complete the uniform.

I left my hair down other than two short plaits at the front of my hair one either side of my face as was normal for me. I looked at myself in the mirror and sighed, I really don't like the uniform but it was what was required for the girls at the school to wear. I did yet another check of my school things.

I was sure I had everything, I picked up my note book and pen, the went outside. I walked to school, I didn't have a driver like most rich people as I was only just starting out making money for myself and I didn't see the point it paying for a taxi twice a day when I could walk easily enough.

After the half an hour walk I got to the school, I walked through the corridors and was thankful I didn't stand out much. I found my class fairly quickly, there were already some people in class, I spotted a friendly looking brunette haired boy and tapped him on the shoulder and noticed he had big brown eyes that made me think of a girls. I actually wondered if this person was a boy or just a girl in boys clothing.
"Hello, did you want something miss?" the boy-girl smiled
"I'm Leala, i'm new I was just wondering the best place to sit, I don't want to sit in a seat that's already taken" I replied introducing myself.
"I'm Haruhi fujioka, those seats are normally free" Haruhi replied pointing out a few seats.
"Merci" I smiled taking the one nearest.
"Your welcome Miss" Haruhi nodded as Aurburn haired identical twins that Haruhi had been speaking to came over as well.
"Welcome to Ouran Miss, We couldn't help notice your slight accent and was wondering..."One twin started
"Are you French?" The other asked
"Guys can't you at least be polite enough to introduce yourselves first" Haruhi snapped at them and turned back to me "Sorry Miss these two are Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin"
"Not a problem, As for there question my mother was French, my dad Japanese. I've lived in France with my mum and up until a few years ago my brother but he came here to live with our dad" I told them honestly
"So your here to come live with him and your dad then?" One twin asked
"No chance, I don't mind the idea of living with them but I'd rather not have to put up with my grandmother, no I've actually moved here for business, I have a partnership in a company that makes and designs hospital equipment" I replied. They looked surprised but before they could ask more the teacher came in.

Lesson went by fairly quickly, I ate my lunch in the library. I had taken out my laptop and was working on the contract. After dinner I had the rest of my lessons. when the school day came to an end Haruhi and the twins Hikaru and Kaoru approached me.

"So Haruhi and ourselves are part of the Ouran highschool host club" One twin told me
"And we were wondering if you would like to come visit us there?" The other asked
"I doubt it's my type of club" I sighed starting to walk off.
"Please, Our clubs vice president Kyoya Ootori's family works in the hospital business" The first twin added as though this would convince me.
"Also our president Tamaki Souh would be delighted if we brought you to the club with us" the second twin commented at the mention of Tamaki's name I stopped in my tracks, causing the twins and Haruhi who was following to turns as they got a few steps in front of me before they realised I'd stopped.

I didn't bother asking them to show the way, I had passed the club during one of my other breaks. As soon as the second twin had finished his sentence and they had turned to face me, I had turned on my heel and walked purposefully towards the host club. The twins making some comment about how "Milord had another fan"

I ignored it and walked into the room batting away the rose petals, Tamaki was half way through a overdramatic princely welcome when I cut him of.
"Toujours aussi plus dramatique que jamais je vois Tam Tam" I smiled warmly at my excitable brother causing him to pause mid welcome, blink a few times unsure of if what he was seeing was real.
Still as over dramatic as ever I see Tam Tam
"LEA LEA" Tamaki squealed picking me up in a hug and spinning with me in his arms causing the many girls and the few other boys to stop and stare at us.
"Vous pouvez avoir tous les câlins que vous voulez , mais arrêter de me tourner et de ne me pas écraser ." I grumbled.
You can have all the hugs you want but stop spinning me and don't crush me
He instantly stopped spinning and put me on the floor, however he didn't release me from the hug.
"Do you two know each other Tama-chan?" came a small voice, I spun in Tamaki's arms so my back was against his chest to try to see the owner of the voice only to see a small blonde haired child in our uniforms, but before we could reply a black haired boy with glasses stepped forward, I noted he reminded me slightly of Mr Ootori.
"I to am curious as to how you and Tamaki know each other" The boy remarked
"Oh mummy this is Lea Lea, She's my baby sister" Tamaki beamed.
"Less of the Baby if you please Tam Tam, Sorry I should introduce myself, I'm Leala Suoh" I Smiled I went to hold out my hand for the boy to shake but Tamaki's arms were wrapped around my own so I added in French "allez-vous me laisser partir maintenant s'il vous plaît Tam Tam"
will you let me go now please?
"Sorry Lea Lea" Tamaki smiled letting me go, I held my hand out to the boy with glasses.
"Kyoya Ootori, i'm the vice president of the club, that's Mitskuni Haninozuki and that's Takashi Morinozuka, although everyone calls them Honey and Mori" Kyoya introduced himself and then the small blonde and the black haired muscular boy who was even taller than Kyoya.
"grande encore une fois la seule personne de moins que moi est L'Enfant" I grumbled to myself
great yet again the only person shorter than me is the child
"En fait mitskuni est en fait le plus ancien ici, avec son cousin Mori ils sont en troisième année" Tamaki informed me
Actually mitskuni is actually the oldest here, along with his cousin Mori they are in third year
"Wait so he's older than me?" I asked no longer speaking in French
"Yep you've finally found someone shorter than you who isn't younger than you" Tamaki nodded. I smiled happily, at about 5 foot I was barely taller than Honey.

Soon everyone was entertaining guests, I was bored I sat at an empty desk and took out my laptop and worked more on the contract, I had nearly completed it as I had been working on nothing else since the meeting. I felt someone sit beside me, I quickly clicked save and took it off my screen. My wall paper was a picture of me, Tamaki and mum when we were little before he had left for japan, I looked up at the person and saw Kyoya.

He asked me what I was working on I told him it was a contract for his dad, when he looked confused I explained what Mr Broussard (Mason) Did and how I had met him through a school party, while I was on a scholarship at the rich kid school in France and ended up becoming a partner in the company.

I asked him how he had come to form a club like this as his family didn't strike me as the type of people to be involved in a club like this. He explained about it and then we just talked about other things. It was easy to hold a conversation with him and I found it was nice to have someone to have a intelligent conversation with.

Eventually the club came to an end, I walked with the club out of the club, the boys drove off except for Haruhi, who had started walking the same way I had to walk to get home. I quickly caught up. I asked Haruhi were he-she lived and learnt it was the same apartment block as me.

"So Haruhi How did you join the club?" I asked
"Oh I was looking for somewhere quite to study, which apparently is impossible in that school, I thought the room was abandoned. The boys made me feel uncomfortable I ended up backing into a vase worth eight million yen, being a commoner I didn't have the kind of money to pay for the vase, so they decided that I'd have to work to pay it off. The first day was eventful as they ended up learning I was actually a girl, although we keep it secret in order for me to pay off my debt" Haruhi told me truthfully
"I thought you seemed a little too feminine but didn't want to say anything in case I offended you" I replied causing her to chuckle. We stopped outside her door.
"What are you doing for tea?" she smiled, after I mentioned that I only lived two doors from her.
"Probably just make myself something" I shrugged.
"Well my dad will be working do you fancy coming to mine and I'll make us both something saves me cooking just for one person, dad will get something at work" Haruhi offered
"on one condition" I nodded
"What?" She questioned
"I'm cooking tomorrow" I smiled
"Agreed" She chuckled and let me in.

The afternoon went by quickly as we chatted and ate together, soon it was getting late, I said goodbye to Haruhi and went to my own apartment. I finished typing up the contract and emailed it to Mason. I then got on with my homework to school. It was early morning again before I got to bed.

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