The White Rose's Sister (An Ouran Love Story)

The White Rose's Sister (An Ouran Love Story)

Leala is the younger sister to Tamaki Suoh, when Tamaki is taken to live in Japan by their dad and nan, Leala and her mum are left behind. She misses her brother and is angry that her and her mum have (As she feels) been abandoned. So what happens when the choices she makes leads her to move to japan for business reasons. That also lead her to the host club and back with her older brother.

Chapter 4

Chapter Three

Over the week, I had spent most of my time with the host club. I had started walking to and from school with Haruhi everyday, we then took it in turns to cook tea each night. Mason was happy with the contract so I had arranged another meeting with Mr Ootori for Friday after school.

Friday came and I was sat with Kyoya in the host club as he didn't have any guests. We were both working in comfortable silence. I was getting slowly more annoyed with the Physics homework. I glared at the work in front of me and sighed. Had it been biology, chemistry, maths or German I would have been ok with it but physics seemed to be a bit more frustrating. I noticed Kyoya glance over at my work an chuckle.
"This isn't funny, I'm normally good with science but I can't wrap my head around it" I glared everyone was packing up ready to go home.
"Well I'm quite good with physics but I'm finding chemistry some what of a pain, if your good at chemistry i'm sure we can help each other out" Kyoya suggested.
"Chemistry is one I'm quite good at, i'm free anytime over the weekend, if you want to meet up and help each other out" I nodded.
"Saturday, if you come round to my house about ten in the morning?" Kyoya offered as we packed up our things.
"Are you ready to go Lea" Haruhi called.
"One second Haruhi" I called to her then turned to Kyoya "I'll be there"
"See you tomorrow" Kyoya nodded. I followed Haruhi out and explained I had a meeting with Mr Ootori so I wouldn't be joining her for tea.

As we reach the building we said goodbye to each other and went into our separate apartments. I had a quick wash changed into a grey pencil skirt and matching blazer with a white blouse. I called a taxi and gave them the address Mr Ootori had given me. We soon arrived at a modern looking house or rather mini mansion. It dropped me off outside and I got out, I paid the man and headed up to the door.

I knocked and waited a while, soon the door was answered by Kyoya who looked at me slightly confused, he looked at me and then the documents I was holding but said nothing.
"Hello again Kyoya-Sempai, I have a meeting with your father to discuss business with him" I greeted him.
"Come on in" He replied simply moving to one side holding open the door. As I was walking in Mr Ootori was walking down stairs with another man who looked very similar to him self. Both of them noticed me.
"Miss Leala right on time, This is my oldest son Yuuichi and my youngest Kyoya" Mr Ootori introduced.
"It's a Pleasure to meet you Yuuichi-Sama" I greeted him politely I saw him smile smugly at Kyoya when I hadn't greeted him.
"Would you like a drink at all Miss Leala?" Kyoya smiled to me.
"No thank you Kyoya-Sempai, but please there is no need for you to call me miss, just Leala is fine" I replied cheerfully
"Of course and there is no need for calling me Sempai, Leala" I Kyoya nodded, he looked slightly amused probably from the look on his brothers face which had lost the smug look for one of confusion.
"Well, Mr Ootori-Sama here is the contract if you would like to read it over and check that everything is agreeable" I said turning my attention back to him and handing him the paper work, he took it off me and gestured to a living room.
"Will you still be over tomorrow to study?" Kyoya asked as I started to walk into the room Mr Ootori had gestured to.
"If I had any change of plans I would have called or txt to let you know" I chuckled, he did as well and walked off upstairs, I waited until asked to sit down.

Although it wouldn't seem like it to someone walking by, on the inside I was nervous as Mr Ootori looked over the contract in silence, Yuuichi had sat in the room with us,
"So you already know my youngest brother Kyoya I see Miss Leala" Yuuichi spoke up breaking the silence.
"Yes I met him my first day off school, through the host club" I started he looked at me disgusted, I then caused Mr Ootori to look up when I added "I had no intention of going to such a ridiculous club at first until the Hitachiin twins from My class mentioned that it was run by Tamaki, The chance of seeing my older brother again for the first time in well three nearly four years I just couldn't pass up the opportunity"
"Tamaki is your older brother?" Mr Ootori asked
"That is correct though I Haven't had any contact with my dad since Tamaki was brought over here to live" I replied truthfully
"So your last name is Souh? or do you have your mums name?" He asked curiously
"My dads technically but I prefer to go by just my first name" I answered simply
"Well, I've looked over the contract, everything seems to be in order and I'm happy to sign" Mr Ootori told me and I felt myself let of a breath I hadn't realised I had been holding in since he started his sentence, I was relieved it was done in a way Mr Ootori and Mason was happy with. Me and Mr Ootori signed all three copies of the contract, this was so I could send one to Mason so he had a copy, I had a copy and Mr Ootori had a copy.

After everything was signed we all shook hands, I said goodbye to Mr Ootori and his eldest son adding again to Yuuichi that is was nice meeting him, he replied saying it was nice to meet me too. I called a taxi and headed outside to wait. Soon I was back at home and I called my business partner.
"Hello Leala, how did it go with Mr Ootori?" Mason asked
"Hey Mason, it went well, When I got there the door was answered by my brothers best friend who is Mr Ootori's youngest son. I met Yuuichi Ootori who is Mr Ootori's oldest son, he sat in on the meeting and didn't really input other than to comment about me knowing Kyoya, the paper work is sighed I'll post you your copy tomorrow morning first class" I told him
"great to hear Leala" He replied happily. We chatted awhile about business and then went to bed. I made a mental note to call mum in the morning. then went to bed

The Next Day

I woke the next day and called mum, I apologised for not calling her sooner as I had been busy, she didn't mind. I told her about my week, about seeing Tamaki again and the club he ran, about Haruhi and everything I could think off, soon she had to go to work so I said good bye and hung up. It was about 9a.m. when I got off the phone, I knew I didn't have time to shower so I quickly changed into:

I had called a taxi before getting changed, I grabbed my school things and stepped outside while pulling my hair into a ponytail as I stepped out of the house, the taxi pulled up outside, I locked the door to my apartment and got into the taxi.

I soon arrived at the Ootori house and knocked on the door. It was answered by yuuichi, we greeted each other politely and he told me Kyoya was in the living room where me and Mr Oorori had done business last night, I thanked him and went through as he disappeared into a different room.
"Morning Kyoya" I greeted.
"Morning Leala" Kyoya replied. he told me to sit down and I did.

we started on physic, I found that kyoya explained the parts that I was struggling with in a way that I found easy to follow and I soon understood what I was having trouble with. We then moved onto the chemistry work, I worked over the homework with him. Explained it to him clearly trying to make sure I didn't patronise him. After working we sat talking with each other for a little while and then I went home. Glad to finally have some time to just relax.

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