The White Rose's Sister (An Ouran Love Story)

The White Rose's Sister (An Ouran Love Story)

Leala is the younger sister to Tamaki Suoh, when Tamaki is taken to live in Japan by their dad and nan, Leala and her mum are left behind. She misses her brother and is angry that her and her mum have (As she feels) been abandoned. So what happens when the choices she makes leads her to move to japan for business reasons. That also lead her to the host club and back with her older brother.

Chapter 5

Chapter Four

The next day, I was hoping to have a nice relaxing day to myself, I had no immediate business to take care of so I decided to have a lay in, that was until there was a knock on the door waking me, I pulled on my dressing gown and answered the door, I glared at Haruhi.
"The one day I get a lay in and you wake me up, what do you want?" I grumbled but gesturing for her to come in.
"Sorry Lea but dad insisted I come round and invite you to spend the day with us, he's normally too busy to spend the day with me but he has chance to today and he want's to meet my new friend" she mumbled clearly feeling bad for waking me.
"Fine let me get showered and changed and I'll join you" I nodded
She told me she'd let her dad know and to meet her at her house. I gave her another nod and went into my bathroom.
I then changed into:

I smiled and went over to Haruhi's I didn't need to knock as Haruhi was waiting outside with a woman around the same height as kyoya with long maroon hair. I noted she was quite pretty.
"Leala this is my dad, Dad this is Tamaki's younger sister Leala" Haruhi introduced.
"Call me Ranka" Haruhi's dad smiled holing out his had I quickly snapped out of my shock.
"Pleasure to meet you Ranka, Sorry about my shock, it's just your so pretty I thought you were a young woman" I Smiled shaking his hand
"Your quite pretty yourself Leala, it's a pleasure to meet a female friend of Haruhi's" Ranka beamed hugging me tight.

Ranka decided to drag us shopping, much to Haruhi's annoyance, i'll admit it wasn't something I was keen on but Ranka seemed so happy I couldn't bring myself to say anything. He reminded me of Tamaki squealing everytime Haruhi came out in something he deemed as cute.

He spotted a dress he really loved but quickly put it back after seeing the price tag, I picked it up and looked at the tag, it was a lot for Haruhi and her dad but it wasn't much for me. I folded it over my arm along with a outfit Haruhi had liked but they couldn't afford.

I paid for them when they weren't paying attention. When we got back to Haruhi's I handed them the outfits they were looking at.
"We can't accept these Lea, it's too much" Haruhi argued her dad telling me I should return them
"Nonesense, I've paid for them now, I wanted to treat you both as a way to say thank you for making me feel so welcome, beside you both looked amazing in your outfits I couldn't let you not have them" I replied dismissing them.

Haruhi started making dinner, I offered to help but she wouldn't allow it so I sat in the living room talking to Ranka. It was easy to talk to him, he asked me about my parents, I explained that unlike Tamaki I'd had no contact with our dad or nan since Tamaki came to live her but that I had a close relationship with mum, That I hoped to make enough money to pay nan back for my mums medical care in hopes that mum would be aloud contact with Tamaki again. Ranka told me about how he met Haruhi's mum, how he was bisexual but decided not to have relationships with women after his wife's death and classed himself as homosexual now.

The three of us ate our dinner happily, chatting about different things. Even after we had finished our food we talked for hours. I offered to make tea seems as though Haruhi made dinner. Tea went by quickly, I had taken Haruhi and Ranka to my apartment. I showed them a picture of mine and Tamaki's mum. They both commented how beautiful she was.

After tea we talked a short while longer, then Haruhi and Ranka headed back to their own apartment. I called mum again and chatted happily with her I told her about spending the day with Haruhi and her dad. After talking with her, I got on with some business matters. I checked over my homework for school. It was still early so I decided to start work on a new book. By the time I looked at the time again it was one in the morning.

I saved what I had done and changed into pyjama's same as my others but these were black, my normal pyjamas where in the wash. I then went to bed.

The next morning I woke up, washed, brushed my teeth, changed into my uniform and left the apartment when I heard a knock on the door. As normal it was Haruhi and the two of us walked to school together as normal.

We were laughing as we got to class, Haruhi went over to Hikaru and Kaoru, who I could now tell apart and I was about to do the same when some girls called me over. I went up to them smiling.
"Are you and Haruhi a couple?" One girl asked bluntly
"Not at all, He's more like a best friend, the reason we arrive and leave school together is because we live near each other so we walk to school together" I chuckled
"So Haruhi is single?" Another girl asked
"As far as I'm aware he's single, he's never told me otherwise and I haven't seen him with anyone" I shrugged they just nodded and started gossiping with each other, I shook my head at the girls and went to join Haruhi and the twins.
"What was that about?" Kaoru asked
"They wanted to know if me and Haruhi were a couple" I replied indifferent. the twins laughed at this.
"You boys laugh but how do you know we're not?" Haruhi added slinging an arm around my shoulder the boys jaws dropped.
"He's just winding the twins up" I smiled over my shoulder at the girls who's attention she had caught.
"Yeah Leala's not my type plus Tamaki would kill us if any of us dated Lea" Haruhi chuckled removing her arm
"Yeah Tam Tam is pretty protective" I agreed. "Also before any girls or the twins get any ideas only I am aloud to call him Tam Tam"

The day went by quickly and my homework came back with 100 percent marks even on my physics homework, When we arrived at the host club I told Kyoya and thanked him again for helping me. As was normal I chatted with all the host when the didn't have guests. Some of the guests even came over to talk to me mainly to ask about the boys. I had to point out it had been almost 4 years since I had spent some proper time with my brother and I had only known the other hosts a little over a week. They knew I lived near Haruhi but as far as the guests knew other than at school, I only saw her when walking to and from the academy.
After I had reminded them of that they left me alone, which I was glad I took out my note book for stories and wrote down a few ideas that had come to mind. Soon the club came to an end and Tamaki announced that we should have a sleepover.
"And who's house do you intend to volunteer for this sleep over because mine and Haruhi's homes are to small and if nan spots me anywhere near your house she'll flip out" I responded with a roll of my eyes.
"Mummy...?" Tamaki started
"Sorry Daddy I can't my parents have guests coming over this weekend so I'm not aloud anyone over" Kyoya replied simply then Tamaki started sulking.
"What about our house mum and dad are away for a few weeks so we can make it longer than a weekend" Hikaru offered with a grin
"Yeah why not start tonight and make a week of it" Kaoru agreed.
"WHAT A MARVELLOUS IDEA!!" Tamaki cheered
"YEAH LET'S DO IT!" Honey joined them, Mori nodded.
"Do I have to?" Haruhi groaned
"As long as you leave me in peace when i'm working fine" I reluctantly agreed.
"I suppose it'll give us to get to know Leala a bit better and her us" Kyoya sighed
"I don't get a choice in this do I?" Haruhi asked. Everyone except me and Kyoya shook their heads at her, she looked to me and Kyoya who were both indifferent to the situation eventually she sighed "Fine but we need to get our things, me and Lea will meet you at the twins house"
Everyone nodded and we all set off, I didn't mind the idea of spending the week with the hosts as it gave me chance to spend time with Tamaki again.

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