The Evil of Minecraft

The Evil of Minecraft

Briar, Dorian & Steve live by the sea in a hut that had been built since the beginning of the Game. One day, Briar spies a mysterious island paradise and the trio venture forth.
But the island is owned and guarded by the most fearsome and scary Mob creature in the whole of Minecraft: Herobrine.

Chapter 1


The sun rose over the block world of Minecraft, burning all the evils of the night away. Brian yawned & sat up in his bed, looking out the glass window to see the animals on the meadow. It was a calming site to not see any zombies outside burning. He hopped out of bed & walked to a chest, taking out a shovel, a sword, a pickaxe & some food for his trip into the earth.
He opened his door, shut it, & made a quick walk across the valley to his mine, where he stopped to admire all his surroundings. A queer thought came over him & he looked down at the ground directly below him. What happens if I dig straight down? He thought, curious.

“Can’t hurt to try!” he smiled, cheerily.

With a practiced arm, his shovel & pickaxe cut through dirt & rock like a hot knife through butter. Down & down Brian dug, never stopping to see the sun & moon peer down at him in the darkness. No torches lit the way, no ladders lined the walls, just a narrow, one way down hole. The thought of being like Alice in Wonderland crossed his mind, but it passed quickly to make way for blocks that could no longer fit in the inventory.
After a long while of digging, Brians’ pick hit hard rock, making him shake from the impact. His pickaxe snapped when he tried again, forcing him to try his other one, but it broke too. Brian stood in the dark, thinking, before he took up his Diamond Pickaxe & hacked at the hard rock beneath. It finally broke apart to reveal another, which fell & broke his pick.
Brian, undeterred, pulled another pickaxe from his inventory & hacked at the next layer to find one more block. He smiled mischievous as he mined at the block. Before it cracked open, he looked at the blocks he’d just mined to find a rather shocking truth:
He stopped mining too late & fell, screaming, into the dark below. He fell on & on, spinning and turning in the unending darkness beyond the bedrock layers. His mind went reeling with thoughts, prayers and last regrets. After falling for what seemed forever, Brian finally stopped feeling and screaming, and just seemed to float.
The Darkness is your friend. Sleep within and be reborn anew. Sleep and dream the Dark within.
So, Brian forever closed his eyes and when he woke again, he was floating above a dark ground. He moved gently to place his feet on the ground and stood to look upon the world around him. It was a dark, dangerous realm, lurking beneath the over-world.
The Nether
He smiled most satisfied and twisted, before laughing at his fortune. The creatures of the Nether, though curious of him, went no closer as the scent of a darker evil came from him. He was of the Nether and the Over-world, yet he was neither at the same time. When he stopped laughing, he looked out to the world with a grin as pointed as a sharks’ mouth, eyes glowing white and full of evil.

“Hello there! Where is your God now?”


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