why the heck is quibblo so dead?!?

disclaimer:this is my opinion, i have the right to express it.

Chapter 1

i know its been going on for almost a year now

but seriously?!? WTF happened to all the people on here?!? now i am one of the original users on here and i remember how HUGE it was and how i would get almost 100,000 responses IN AN ENTIRE DAY! i'm not lying! i joined in 2008 and all my quizzes surprisingly became VERY popular but now im lucky if i get 4 responses.

my life has changed alot since i've joined and im busier than i used to be but i still like this place but idk if you guys like me. I feel like maybe you guys are getting sick of me. i hope that isnt it. i really like making quizzes and when i have time, i think its fun. but im not gonna be somewhere where i'm not wanted and i told myself the day when people dont care about me on quibblo, i'll quit.

I hope you guys arent sick of me and still like my quizzes. i know you obviously have busy lives with school and stuff but i just wanna make sure im not a bother.
so yeah i just miss the way quibblo used to be: full of people and life. its like so dead now and idk if i should stay or not.

please tell me what u think but in a nice way cause im very sensitive and explain why is quibblo so dead now


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