Everyone tells me I am helpless. No one believes in me. Oh, and one other thing, I'm a fairy. My name is Daffodil and my favorite color is yellow. Favorite colors are very important in fairy world. But everyone thinks I'm helpless because I don't watch over a little girl... yet.

Chapter 1


I'm just your average fairy. I live in fairy world, though. Most fairies live in the human world by now at two years of age. The first year of age is a prep, sort of like school. We learn how to take care of humans and their needs.

My teachers always called me helpless. My 'friends' called me helpless. Everyone called me helpless because I am fragile and cute. I have long curly brown hair. You would think it is hard to tame, but fairies never have to brush or wash their hair. It's pretty awesome.

This year I will not be helpless. I will not live with the one year olds and the eighteen year olds. The eighteen year old fairies are the oldest. Fairies, when they are nineteen, go off to fairy homes. They get fed the best food and have people waiting on them hand and foot. Honestly, though, they are really grumpy. Some are super sweet but some are just the WORST!

Gem, my mother, says that I am not helpless, but I don't believe her. Without humans, fairies are nothing....

NEXT CHAPTER COMING SOON! As in like 2 minutes probably... :p

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