Chapter 1


Alone in the dark is where you'll find her
with an empty ice cream container lying near
while thoughts of everything swarm her not so pretty little head
in hopes of drowning her in her own fear.
Despite the fear though, there is the pain
that's erupting through her entire core
and even though she's found in sorrow in the darkness
she's trying to fight off the negativity until there is no more.
But you don't understand, because this isn't something easy
it's something that's incredibly difficult instead
since all those thoughts spoken of earlier
are racing around her, grabbing everything in her head.
This includes her emotions, her motives, all of her desires
and it creates this heaviness in her soul
that pulls her smile into a frown
for it creates this uttermost gruesome hole
that has the ability to suck her in
and then trap her in its cage
only to have that cage tighten her brain
so those thoughts begin to suffocate
only to create ten times the amount of original pain.
And when it's done
when her mind explodes
you'll not be able to find her in the dark anymore
because instead she'll be standing at the intersection of crossroads.


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