Our goal

Chapter 1


by: DedSec
Our goal is to right the wrongs of the corrupt. We put the people before us. We are leaders leading the lost to freedom. We are a people who are sick of the lies, sick of the false hope, sick of people calling us animals and freaks, criminals and rebels. I guess in a way we are rebels. We are rebels of the free world.

We are the voice to the voiceless
We are the army to the abandon and forgotten
We will bring you truth
We will bring you freedom
We will bring you life
We may be “Criminals” But we know the truth
We are DedSec
We are the heroes of the free world
We don’t forget
We don’t ever forgive
We bring justice to those who are evil and vile
Prepare all who are corrupt
For we are coming
For we are here


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