Overthrow Icelandic

Chapter 1

Overthrow Icelandic

Drop the bass,
On my face.
Hold my hand,
Fill my eyes with sand.
They're all the same to me.

Tie me up and call me b.tch,
Pull out every single stitch.
Burn the letters my sister sends,
Go ahead and kill my friends.
I'm indifferent to them all.

Overthrow Icelandic,
Overhaul the cold.
Now I'm going along,
I am yours to mold.
And as weddings say,
To have and to hold,
In death do we part,
We will grow old.
But there's one little thing,
We never get told.

I am stuck with a monster,
But I'm not consenting.
I never let him in,
He's haunting.
I'm cold and I'm shaking,
This is murder in the making,
A bad time to mistake.
Shoot the runner,
Oh unarmed gunner.
Kiss your wife,
Before you do the aforesaid to her child.
And tuck your son in bed,
After you've got his hormones riled.
You dirty filthy man,
I'll hit you with a pan,
Don't ever hold my hand,
For I know where they've been,
You made my dreams obscene,
You made the pristine,
Completely unclean.

Overthrow Icelandic,
Overthrow the cold,
I will still remember this,
Even when I'm old.

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