Kay Peeople- i got the results of my group story sign up!

Y'all made it! There's a love triangle between Sylvia, Wind-Whisperer, and Jack!


Chapter 1

Sheet O Sign Ups

Here we are- two hundred years into the future. Not much is left of our once beautiful earth...except a few places...but not many.

North and South America is the setting. A dawn of a new time. A new Era. Europe and Asia were destroyed in a Nuclear attack. Australia might still be around-but the cut off all ties with the rest of the world. Nobody knows.

Our characters are some of the last survivors-living in the remains of hot, dusty, broken, Chicago where there is no government left. Then one day an old man comes, out of the nowhere land beyond the city limits, claiming that there is fertile, good land up north. Way farther north than anyone has ever dared to dream of.

So our characters leave the canned food, the crime, the heat, and the scorched and destroyed city to forge their own destiny in the remains of Canada.

But will there be other people? Will they be able to survive?

Character Rules

Love Interest-

My Character

Name- Wind-Whisper
Age- 19
Appearance- blond wavy hair that reaches her waist, eyes that are teal, a small nose, light skin with freckles, tall, wears tall brown boots over her long legs, light blue colored skinny jeans with faded blue flower patterns on them and a white shirt with a jean jacket over it, super long eyelashes
Personality- super bubbly, kindhearted, brave, not a leader type personality but is a great supporter
Background-lived alone with her father and little sister Mia she leaves behind, lived in old apartments and never stayed in one place very long, her father did his best to make sure the girls had a good life, and passed on his good work ethic to the girls
Love Interest- A Male Character


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