Broken Minds

Broken Minds

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Chapter 1


by: DJonesy
Broken Minds Chapter 1
Bubbs p.o.v.
I have to find him. I swore to his father that I would protect him with my life, and now he's gone.Sigh He is so stubborn and pigheaded. Just like his father I think solemnly. The older he got, the more he reminded me of his dad. He had his father's bold brown eyes, his sharp nose, his lean figure, and his naturally messy hair. The only physical traits he got from his mother were her raven black hair, her soft rounded features, and her stature. Stubborn like his father, but kind and loving like his mother. I think, my heart aching at what he had been through in his life How am I supposed to find him in this weather? I look over and spot something in the snow. His cap! My heart starts beating faster. He must be somewhere around here! Sure enough, I spot his raven hair just above the snow. I rush over and uncover the rest of him. "I'm sorry," I hear him whisper before closing his eyes. I look him over. His left leg was in an awkward position. I pick him up and put him in my car._/\_
Vosco p.o.v.
"Vosco," He had said to me. "Vosco, please don't do this," I can't erase the memory of his face. He looked like he was going to cry. Why? Why did I go? He told me it was dangerous, so why did I go? I should have stayed home with our nice warm fire, with him. Now I'm going to die without saying goodbye. I'll never see him again. He was like a father to me. I'm such an idiot. I blink and hot tears start to roll down my face. I try to fight them but they just keep coming. The world starts fading to black. No I think I can't pass out. I have to stay awake. But it’s no use, the world continues to fade. "I'm sorry," I say, the last of my strength gone. My eyes close one last time. Then, nothing. _/\_/\_/\___line__break___/\_/\_/\___

I open my eyes to a bright light. Oh god! Am I dead!? "No Vosco,"I hear someone say "You’re not dead," Did I say that out loud? I think, struggling to turn my head. I hear warm laughter to my left. "Yes Vosco," another chuckle, "you did." I finally manage to turn my head "Bubbs!" I shout, but then grimace when I feel sharp pain in my throat "Where am I, and what happened to me?" I ask in a softer voice "I feel like I was hit by a bus," Bubbs steps in front of me, and looks me in the eyes "You're in the hospital," Bubbs says, "As for what happened, I have no clue. When I found you, you were buried in the snow," My eyes widen He actually went looking for me after I left? I find myself fighting the urge to cry again. "I wanted to…" I start to say.SLAM! "Where is he!?" I almost jump out of the hospital bed at the sound of that voice. "Where is that idiot brother of mine!?" Bubbs chuckles at this. "Keep it down Tia," he shushes my upset sibling "Hi sis," I say, waving meekly. She promptly walks over and slaps me.

"What was that for!?" I ask, rubbing my offended cheek in surprise. "That, my dear older brother, was for worrying me half to death," She states her voice dripping with sarcasm. As sudden and prompt as the slap, she reaches over and gives me a bone-crushing hug. Grunt "Bones crushing, lungs collapsing, can't breathe," I say, only half joking, earning myself another slap. "I love you too, sis," The door opens again, but this time it closes with a soft click. I look over at the newcomer, a doctor. I shudder. Man I hate doctors. He looks at me with a grin. "I see you're awake," he says, or rather observes, to me. Bubbs must have noticed how uncomfortable I am, because he answers for me. "Yes, Dr. Lee, he woke up just a few minutes ago," Sigh Thank god for that man's perception skills I think, somewhat relieved. "So," my sister says, turning to Dr. Whatshisname "When can he go home with us?" His gaze lifts to my sister "About ten minutes at the least, fifteen at the most." Tia smiles as the doc leaves.

For some reason, I feel more happy than normal. I seriously haven't felt this way in years. I look around the room. Tia, Bubbs, and... one person missing. "Hey sis," I say looking at her "Where's Jasper?" She raises her eye brow at me. "He stayed with mom and dad, remember?" Now it’s my turn to be confused. "Mom and Dad?" There's that look again. "Um,yeah," She says. "you know, Mom, as in the person who gave birth to you, and Dad, as in the person who helped create you," She looks back down at her phone, leaving me to ponder this. Mom and Dad are alive? Sigh this is too confusing "Don't get yourself in trouble, Vosco," Huh? I look up at Bubbs "I know that look boy, you were thinking weren't you," I nod, though still somewhat confused. The doc gives me the all clear, and we head home in Bubbs' car. When I say car, I mean an old lemon that breaks down every few miles.Sigh This is going to be a long ride.

I look out the window while we drive. We pass the many shops and stores of New York, nothing new. We pass the apartment that Bubbs lives in. "Where are we going?" I ask, tapping Tia on the shoulder. "Home, duh," she answers nonchalantly. "But the apartment is that way," I point backwards. "Yeah Bubbs' apartment," she says, now turned around and looking at me.Sigh "Never mind," I say in defeat. Bubbs pulls into a parking lot. "All right," Bubbs says as he parks the car. "Here we are," I look out to see another apartment building. I step out of the car following Bubbs and Tia. We walk past doors that seem vaguely familiar. No, very familiar. Oomph I trip and land flat an my back. "Need some help Vosco?"I open my eyes. Bubbs is smiling and Tia is laughing. "No way dude," I say, dramatically pushing my hair out of my eyes" I like it on the floor," I wiggle my eyebrows at Tia as I stand up, Bubbs and I both laughing. "Boys," she mutters, shaking her head. "What's all the commotion about?" a new voice asks.

"Dad?" I ask, my voice cracking at the end. "Yes Vosco?" he asks back in his gruff, yet warm, voice. I don't answer, my words stuck in my throat. Suddenly I'm wrapped in a hug. "Whoa there bud, what's wrong?" he asks, with a concerned look I've only seen from Bubbs. "I'm sorry," I say, barely louder than a whisper. When I feel my face, I realize that I was crying. "Shhh, its ok son," my father soothes "It’s all over now. Why don't you come inside so you can sit Ok?" I just nod, not trusting my voice, and walk inside. "Victor, dear," I hear from the kitchen "Is that Tia and Vosco I hear?" Dad shoots a goofy grin my way, and I smile back. "Yes, our wayward son has returned," He says "Speaking of wayward sons, where's Jazz Man and Jackie?" Jazz Man is Jasper’s nick name. My mom pokes her head around the corner, her long black hair covering part of her face. "In Jasper's room playing X-Box, the norm," she says sending a smile my way. "Is Jackie Jazz's friend?" I ask. "No dear," mom says, her soft round voice laced with worry "He's your brother."

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