David Bowie

No meaning in particular, me rambling, mainly. May the star man be waiting in the sky... RIP

Chapter 1

Sad news

by: queer
So I'm assuming everyone heard the heart-breaking news about the death of David Bowie.

And, well, I've been a massive fan for five years - since I was ten. I guess it doesn't seem that long, but I don't know. The amount of people that haven't heard of him that were in my class... wow.

Cancer is truly a horrible illness, obviously, and when I was younger, I remember saying to my mum how I really wanted to meet David Bowie one day, and it was my 'mission' if you will, to see him perform live, which unfortunately, won't happen now. I am just so devastated by this news. At 8am I went on Facebook and it was the first thing on my news feed and I was so shocked.

Now, David Bowie is (I would say was but it doesn't feel right) a pop artist, in fact, the only pop artist that I like. I have many memories of me wearing a David Bowie shirt and the older generation questioning me.

This one time, we were going to a theme park for a school trip, I was wearing my shirt, and two of the teachers that were taking us, asked me "Oh, I assume you like __" and began to list his most famous songs. I said no, that I liked whatever songs I liked at the time, I remember saying Golden Years.

The teachers turned away from one of them said to the other: "Well she's a good one." Anyway, that's basically it. Just wanted to say, since none of my friends understand my sadness.


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