The Wolf's Triplets (sequal to 'All We Are to Them Now Are Blood Traitors)

The Wolf's Triplets (sequal to 'All We Are to Them Now Are Blood Traitors)

Scarlett Lupin is the middle child of triplets, her brother Lyall being born first, then her and then their sister Alice. They live with their mum and have never met any of the rest of their family or any of their mum's friends except for Severus, but all that is about to change when they start Hogwarts, their first year is Harry's third, their uncle is a wanted criminal on the run from the ministry, their dad is their teacher and their friends' parents are their mums old school friends.

Chapter 1

Chapter One

Me, My sister and brother was woken to our mum shouting about Hogwarts letters. The three of us rushed out our rooms and to the kitchen where mum was cooking breakfast, she gestured to the letters on the table we opened them eagerly and read them. Soon after breakfast was ready. Suddenly an owl arrived with the daily profit, mum read the first page and gasped.
"What is it mum?" I asked
"Your Uncle Sirius has escaped from Azkaban" she told us.
"Cool" We all grinned no one had done that before. Suddenly there was a knock at the door and mum went to get it.
"What brings you here Kingsley, Alastor?" Mum asked
"Sorry Terra, but I wondered if you had gotten news of your brother?" a tall black wizard asked
"I just got the daily prophet seconds before you arrived, I'm guessing the minister sent you to see if he is here, feel free to look, I didn't know he'd escaped until the newspaper this morning" mum replied letting the two men in.
"Who are these?" a shorter man with lots of scars asked in a voice that was like a growl
"This is Scarlett, Alice and Lyall my kids, they'll be starting Hogwarts this year, kids this is Kingsley Shackelbolt and Alastor Moody, aurors at the ministry, they were mentors to your uncle Sirius, Uncle James and me when we did our Auror training. you'd think that, being an Auror would've made the ministry see sense but that was all just a cover for Sirius wasn't it?" Mum introduced, bitter that her old mentors would believe uncle Sirius was guilty and that she would lie about him not being here.
"Look Terra, the proof was undeniable" Kinglsey went to argue but mum put her hand up, in the same way she did with us when she was annoyed and fed up of excuses or complaining.
"Don't bother Kingsley, just do what you came here to do and then go, I want to take the kids to get their Hogwarts things before Diagon Alley is full of people who will recognise me and give me accusing or pitying looks, I'll get enough of that from the shop keepers" she snapped then began cleaning from breakfast. leaving the men to search the house.
"we have to ask Terra, has he tried to get in contact with you at all?" Kingsley asked while Alastor who was always paranoid did spells looking for hidden doorways to secret rooms.
"I suspect that my brother will have assumed that me and Remus would have moved after what had happen as Remus had believed the same nonsense everyone else did and probably would want us to move for our own safety, he's probably not even considered that I would break up with the man I loved even with everything that had happened but we would still be arguing with each other now if we even managed to make it work in the first place, it's just a shame I lost contact with Remus before I found out I was pregnant" Mum told them
"So is that your way of saying no?" Alastor asked
"No I haven't heard from my brother, I don't have contact with anyone from the wizarding world except for Severus Snape" she snapped
"Okay keep your hair on women, well Kingsley it looks clear" Alastor nodded.
"I can't believe that you would think I would be daft enough to hide a fugitive in my house, I wouldn't risk my children being classed as accessories to the crime, so would you please not add to the insult of searching my house and implying I am a liar by talking to me with that tone you paranoid old coot" Mum scowled. Me, Alice and Lyall were shocked by the mans reaction we expected him to snapped back but instead he laughed
"You haven't changed a bit, still got that fierce passion and attitude in you even after all that has happened, your as strong as I remember. I'm glad to see you still have that fight in you" Alastor smiled.
"Always will Alastor and I'll always remember what you guys taught me in my training" Mum smiled
"Maybe you could come back?" Kingsley suggested
"I don't think the ministry would trust me, unless prof that Sirius is innocent magically appears" She sighed. Kingsley and Alastor nodded.
"Well see you around Terra" Kingsley smiled
"Feel free to pop round any time you guys, I promise I won't get caught harbouring a fugitive" Mum smirked.
"No doubt you won't, your smart enough that you could hide him and have everyone be none the wiser" Alastor chuckle, with that the two men left and we headed to Diagon Alley for our Hogwarts things.

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