One Day


Chapter 1

By yours truly

I'm just a girl with big thighs,
And basic brown eyes.
One day you'll realize,
That your "I love you"s were all lies.
When you see the oceans
That are her eyes in motion.
You'll make choices based on emotion,
And leave this plain girl for one with more attraction.
She'll make you laugh and smile.
She'll give you a "love" that is defiled.
She'll break you down while
Supplying the lusts of a heart that is vile.
All I wanted was to be there,
To give you all my love and care;
But one flip of her flawless hair,
Caused all your attention to go to her.
So here I wait for you to return.
To feel loved again is what I yearn.
But I guess I will have to learn
That you've taken a different turn.
You don't need me anymore,
She's given you so much more.
For me there's only a closed door,
As my silent tears hit the floor.


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