IM BACK!!! but only for tonight

Chapter 1

i was in the mood

Hey minna. I havent been on in about 8 months and this mostly due to anime and fanfics. I simply forgot all about quibblo. Then i was thinking tonight about it. Been so long. Havent talked to anybody. Havent even met any new people on here. Im sorry to my current friends who still on here for being away for so long. This is probably going to be mostly it though. I wont be logging on again in who knows how long. I will be going to college this fall. I have had a great time on quibblo during my teen years. And i will not be leaving. I may not log on as much but this account is staying. I remember making a promise on here 5 years ago that i would never delete and i shall keep that promise. If anyone wants to message me you can. I would love to talk and catch up. Been so long. I love this place. I just had to come back. And while im back visiting i will be look for some stories :)


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