The Story Of The Dragon Legends

The Story Of The Dragon Legends

Flame a young fire dragon was sleeping in his nest in the Dragon Palace.Eventually he woke up to a noise.Flame crept to the door.

Chapter 1

The Grand Festival

Flame was next to the door.He stuck his head out and took a look around.He looked to the right,nothing.Then he looked to the left.A dragon was standing right next to him."hey there Flame!"The dragon yelled with a smile on their face.Flame jumped in shock.He them noticed who the dragon was.The dragon was Flame's best friend from when he was younger."C'mon Flame you sleepy dragon!Today is a special day!"Yelled the dragon."Please Shard calm down."Flame said to the dragon.Shard looked at Flame."OK.I'll calm down...well basically I'll try."Said Shard.Flame suddenly rememberd."AHH!I totally forgot!Today is the Festevial Of Drago WIng!"Flame shouted."Yes silly.That's why I woke you up."Shard told Flame.The Festevial Of Drago Wing was a grand festival honoring Drago Wing.The drgon that discovered The United Dragon Kingdom.Flame was the prince of King One Horn."I got to go Shard.Dad is wating for me!"Flame ran down the hall.Shard followed after him but she got caught by her Father,Ice Wing."Not so fast Shard."Ice Wing Told Shard."But daaad!"Shard whinned."No buts.You have to get ready too."Said Ice Wing.Ice Wing toke Shard to her nest to get ready.


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