The Girl

Chapter 1

Hey! Who are you?

Her name was Emily. She was everything, a nerd, a geek, the teacher's pet, a 12 years old girl, but popular. She wore thick square glasses and had dozens of bright orange freckles that dotted her stubby nose. Her short thin brown hair was usually tied in a messy ponytail and it was cropped badly. She walked slowly and was always the slowest in her grade. She would remain the worst until...
It was a bright sunny afternoon in Willowbrook. There was a special soft breeze in the air that Willowbrook only got a few times every year. The sun-kissed flowers showed off their magnificent magenta petals and the sharp green grass blades bent gently in the breeze. Emily smiled as she pushed her glasses higher up.
"Mom! I'm going to school now!" she cried happily as she clutched her worn metal lunch kit.
"Okay sweetie! Have fun!" her mother yelled from the kitchen.
Picking up her old, hand-me-down backpack, she shrugged it on and took a deep breath. It was the second day of school, the first on which she had been teased many times. Finally, a fresh start! Tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear, she stumbled to school, trying to run as fast as she could. Her older sister, Janice, who was 14, was already at school.
Her sister seemed to look perfect where ever she was! When she was at home, her long thick golden brown hair was tucked away behind her ear and her dark honey brown eyes would gleam. When she was at school, she seemed to look the best. Today, she wore a tight light violet tank top and a flouncy pale pink skirt. Her long hair was tied into a french braid and she had applied an extra layer of eye shadow. Ugh... Sisters...
Holding her head high, she continued down. She tried to become invisible as she stumbled past the bullying, popular group. But no luck.
"Hey, clumsy feet! What'cha doing now?" Jannette, the most popular girl retorted as she twirled her long gold-blond hair with her perfectly manicured finger.
"U-uh n-nothing," Emily shrank back.
"Oh look guys!" Jannette smiled viciously as she addressed her cliche, "I got a new name for her!"
"What is it?" a petite girl with honey brown hair piped up, an evil smile forming on her lips. Oh and I'm going to mention that she also had like 198 layers of lip gloss...
"Stuttering girl!" Jannette laughed evilly. When no one laughed along with her, she glared and pointed at them. Immediately, they all laughed nervously with her... Or for her...
"Stop it! You guys are mean!" a girl piped up.
"Huh?" Emily thought as she turned to the mysterious girl who had stood up for her.
Jannette and her crew looked stunned as they took a step back. Jannette tried to laugh it off, but she couldn't make a sound. For the first time, Jannette was actually stunned!
"Come on," the mysterious girl smiled at Emily. For the first time, she could actually see how she looked like. She had long and wavy dark walnut hair that framed her blemish-free pale skin. Her hazel eyes glinted in the bright sunlight and her smile was perfect. Oh how Emily wished she was her.
"Hey! Who are you?" the mysterious girl said.

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