Teenage Spies

You know what? Just make sure the chapter you wrote goes with the chapter before.

Chapter 1

-Chapter One-

"I hate you" the girl bore a tried look at her friend. It had been a long day, and she just wanted a night's rest.

The girl's friend snorted at her, "You know if I didn't know you as well as I do, I would have believed you." He linked his arm with her as he drags her to the front door of the school building. "You know it wouldn't kill you to smile."

In deadpan she replys, "if I hadn't had a day like today, maybe I would offer a smile, but I has to be put though this crap known as school."

The male rolls his eyes saying in annoyance, "You are just mad, because lover boy-"

With a huff the girl grabs her friend and forces him to look at her, "I don't even like that little whiny, poet, wanna be goth kid Seth! Remember how I assassinate whoever the government tells me to? Well my next target happens to be his father!"

His as eye brows scrunch together as he spoke, "Emily! That boys is actually IN love with you, and you are just using him!"

She gives him a shrug, "Yeah, because the government demands it. Look Adam its my job I don't really question it. They have their reasons for wanting this man dead." She runs a hand through her long, flowing, chocolate hair, as her gray eyes watch Adam.

Adam eyes turn red as he took a step back from his friend, "And who is to say that this man even did anything bad!"

She didn't take long to shoot back, "And who to say he hasn't done something that he is has what is coming to him?"


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