I'm honestly not sure where this story is gonna go, I'm just gonna write what comes and see where it takes me!

Chapter 1


I used to live with my mother, but now I just live alone. She's the only person from my past I bother to remember anymore, because she simply loved me. I wish things had worked out like she wanted, but alas.

I don't really remember my death. But I remember being reborn into my body.

And it was my mother who'd made that happen. Now, witches, or clever-folk as we called them, weren't burned at the stake like so many believe. My mother used her trade for healing people, and when I died, somehow she healed me. In the process, she disappeared. I can only speculate that the spell wasn't what she thought it was, because now I can't die a natural death no matter how old I get. All I have are questions.

I don't even mark my life by years anymore.

Just centuries.

I'm eight centuries old. And my name is Beatrix.

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