I'm honestly not sure where this story is gonna go, I'm just gonna write what comes and see where it takes me!

Chapter 2

Waking Nightmares

I was having the dream again.

I'm running. It's dark outside.

I had it every few months, just long enough to ignore the thoughts about it.

I'm drenched in rain. Clothes are heavy. I feel heavy.

I couldn't tell if it was a dream made up by my brain to relieve stress, or memories. I really hadn't a clue at this point.

They're coming with fire and weapons. I want to be alone. They're coming for me.

The rain in my dreams was usually from being unable to wake up and sweating while the nightmare went on.

I just wanted a home. They told me i'd be safe with the other orphans. Why are they trying to kill me?

I sat up wide-eyed in my old sagging bed. I threw off the covers and sat gasping. I always woke up when a villager caught up to me and pulled me backwards by my hair. I hadn't had long hair since 1910 but it didn't matter, It always felt so real. I looked around anxiously and grabbed my teddy bear off the floor. I'd had him for so long, not a thread or fabric scrap on him was original; but I loved him just the same.

I turned on the bedside lamp and got up. The clock read 4 but I was nowhere near ready to sleep again. I walked through the creaky cabin to the kitchen to pot on a pot of coffee and steady my nerves. The waves hit the rocks outside in a slow and deep pattern, a sound that always seemed to help bring me back down to reality.

Soon the coffee dripped hot and fragrant into the pot and filled the house with a cozy smell. I pour it slowly into my favorite coffee mug; the one shaped like a fox, and I hunker down in the kitchen chair with my knees pulled up to my chest. As I sip the dark liquid I wonder if there are any who carry a darkness like my own with them wherever they go. I'd grown bitter over the years and most of my hope was gone. If ever my eyes held a light, it was smoldered by grief, and anger.

I stared off at nothing, lost in my own head again. I spent a lot of time there, saying nothing, doing nothing. Lingering. Though in the midst of floating off into the ocean of my thoughts I sat up stiffly. There was a presence outside on the cliff. I could feel the life radiating from it.

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