Fear the Adorable Kitty Cults

Fear the Adorable Kitty Cults

I went to a word generator and got four random words: Adorable, Cult, Fear, Kitty. I went with it.

Also, 'Calt' is not a misspelling. It's because the cats aren't actually cats.

My only three rules for this tale (sorry?) are:
1) You MUST stay in past tense.
2) You MUST stay in the current POV (but, since it's third POV, you can focus on other characters)
3) Only a total of 5 or 6 (main) characters can appear.
Feel free to give the 'Calts' an (Egypt) origin!

Chapter 1

What the Bloomin' Crud is Going On?!

by: MoonMare
The human ran and the calts chased after. "gEt It," the leader said, standing on the backs of four black cats.
"YeS, bAsT," the group yowled back. Bast was a good sized calt, and completely hairless. With her large ears, lean body, long legs, and lengthy tail, she not only was ugly, but more than impossible to love. And yet, she was treated as royalty, the leader of a pack of calts.

It wasn't long before the boy was surrounded. As he tried to get away, he accidentally kicked a few of the animals. "nO! yOu WiLl NoT kIcK uS!" She launched herself at him, and took hold. Her claws dug into his face, and Bast latched onto him. She began to whisper an ancient phrase into his ear, and, as the rest of the calts watched, he began to change . . .

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