Fear the Adorable Kitty Cults

Fear the Adorable Kitty Cults

I went to a word generator and got four random words: Adorable, Cult, Fear, Kitty. I went with it.

Also, 'Calt' is not a misspelling. It's because the cats aren't actually cats.

My only three rules for this tale (sorry?) are:
1) You MUST stay in past tense.
2) You MUST stay in the current POV (but, since it's third POV, you can focus on other characters)
3) Only a total of 5 or 6 (main) characters can appear.
Feel free to give the 'Calts' an (Egypt) origin!

Chapter 2

My Brother is Turned into a...Calt?

Cleo POV
I had stood there rooted to the ground and watched as Braedon, my brother was turned into a calt. His normally brown eyes were green and was trained on me. I gave a half whimper, half sob and took off out of the alley. I had heard no footsteps (paw steps, whatever) following me. As I turned the corner wham! I had fallen down. The person I crashed into helped me up.
"Sorry Cleo!" The person had cried. I took a look at the boy. Oh. It was my friend Tobias Hudson.
I am Cleopatra Kalini. I live in Cairo, Egypt. I have shoulder-length black hair and brown eyes. Anyways, that doesn't matter much.
I wiped the tears that I didn't even know were flowing down my cheeks. Tobias hugs me tenderly, like the big brother I had.
"Hey Cleo, what's wrong?"
I sobbed,"B-braedon was turned into a calt."
Tobias froze. We had both known that Bast and her minions have been turning demi-gods into calts recently. No one knew why. And yes I said demi-gods. My mom was Isis, goddess of magic, marriage and healing. Tobias' dad was Ptah, god of creation.
Tobias sighed and ran a hand through his short, spiky hair. His blue eyes met mine.
"Well then, we have to go on a quest. A quest to find Bast and persuade her to turn all the demi-gods back to normal."

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