My Own Fairy Tale

I had to write a fairy tale for school and here it is. let me know what you think! PLEASE COMMENT! PLEASE BE HONEST! I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IF IT"S GOOD!

Chapter 1

Dakota's Code

by: NeonGreen
Here is a story! Come listen up! Once upon a time, a young and intelligent girl was hoping to crack a code on her computer but she was so far getting nowhere. The girl, named Dakota, sits at her Mac every single day just waiting for some piece of information to get to her brain to solve the code. Will it come?
Let’s start this off at the beginning. It was a Tuesday and Dakota was on her way to school, MIST (Metropolitan Institute of Science and Technology in New York). She was strolling down 5th Avenue when she felt somebody pull on her long black hair which had a single blue stripe in it. That day, Dakota had resorted to putting it in a ponytail, just like she has done every single day of her life.
“Hey, Einsteinium!” Dakota said without even turning around.
“What’s up, Darmstadtium!” her best friend, Eloisa, replied.
This was an every-day morning ritual for them, the whole hair-pulling, knowing who it was thing. Their nicknames for each other came from the periodic table of elements; the first letter of their names was the first letter of the element symbols of einsteinium and darmstadtium. The two best friends attended MIST because they both adored science, math, and technology. Total geeks, those two.
Together, Dakota and Eloisa headed off to school. Even though they loved their classes, they weren’t big fans of their teachers because they made the subject boring which was nearly impossible but the teachers managed to achieve the impossible.
Dakota and Eloisa, unfortunately, had no classes together but had the same teachers. They met up at lunchtime and started bombarding about Mrs. Stachi, one of their science teachers who specializes in the periodic table of elements.
“Ugghh! Mrs. Stachi was, yet again, boring! She started talking to us about electricity and what elements make it up. I was so tempted to just get up and leave the classroom. I already know about this stuff. I mean, come on. I’m in the seventh grade!” exclaimed Dakota.
“I know, right? She was ‘teaching’ –Eloisa made air quotes with her fingers-“us about electricity, too.”
“Sometimes, I just wish I had a problem or a code to solve that has to do with science so I can actually be entertained.” Dakota thought about this every single day. How great it would be to have something to solve!
“Yeah, I know. I’ve daydreamed about it in my classes before.”
The lunch bell rang, indicating for everyone to go back to their classes. Dakota and Eloisa said their quick goodbyes and hauled their textbooks to their classes.
It was Thursday of that same week and Dakota had just entered underground into the subway tunnel when she felt someone tug her hair but this time, she knew it wasn’t Eloisa because she had gotten sick with the flu the night before. Dakota turned around and came face-to-face with a young man dressed in casual clothes.
“You go to MIST, right?” the young man said
Dakota was confused how this mysterious man knew that but then realized it was printed on her uniform shirt which she was wearing.
“Um, yes sir. I do.”
“Well, I certainly hope your teachers have taught you something because something big’s coming and unless you’re REAL smart, you and your school won’t be able to get out of it.” The man then turned and left to Dakota’s relief. He was so scary that she didn’t even bother to point out to him that ‘real smart’ isn’t proper grammar.
What does he even mean by that? Dakota thought to herself. The rest of the walk to school, or run rather (she was anxious to get to school) Dakota kept thinking about it. When she finally arrived to school, she just decided to let it go and not think about it. It was probably some random creepy guy who has no life whatsoever.
During one of her math classes, Dakota was getting started on her oh-so-easy Pythagorean Theorem homework. Her pencil had just finished circling her answer to question 8 when Mrs. Daz jumped up from her computer on her desk in the front of the room.
“Mrs. Daz? What happened?” the whole class asked her.
“I was putting in grades, which were not very good to be honest, when all of a sudden my screen went blank and some code or virus came up.” Mrs. Daz explained.
The whole class gave blank looks to each other, including Dakota. Her mind was racing, trying to figure out what it was when her mind flashed back to that morning. “..something big’s coming” the man had said. Is this what he meant? A virus or a code? It was probably a virus that could be fixed by cracking a code because a virus is dangerous to data on a computer. It could shut down the whole school. Dakota raised her hand.
“Yes, Miss Cosmic?”
“I was wondering… have any of the other teachers gotten that….. thing similar to what’s on your computer?” asked Dakota.
“I don’t know. Let me check.” Mrs. Daz called some other teachers to ask them. It took about a total of five minutes and when she was done, she told Dakota the news.
“Yes,Dakota. Many other teachers have gotten what I got on my computer. Why do you ask?”
“Oh I was just wondering” replied Dakota.
If this has to do with my encounter with that man this morning and other teachers have gotten it, it must be a virus, Dakota thought in her mind, and I’m going to be the one to crack the code to get rid of it. Once again, Dakota raised her hand.
“ Yes, Dakota?” Mrs. Daz said.
“Would you-“
“Class, quiet down” Mrs. Daz told the rest of the anxious class.
“I’m sorry, Dakota. Go on.”
“Would you let me crack this code?” Dakota asked Mrs. Daz with curiousity and hope.
Mrs. Daz had no idea how to reply. Of course she wanted this to be fixed but how could she lay such a huge responsibility, which could later on be dangerous, on a student?
“I will see, Dakota.”
Dakota’s face fell but she quickly recuperated. She still had a chance.
The next day at school, nobody was allowed to use the computers or anything that involved technology, which meant all the students were stuck reading out of textbooks the school had in case of emergency, like this one. Dakota was in English class, reading chapter 7 of The Lord of the Flies when the principal, Dr. Mason, walked in and asked to speak with Dakota.
“Dakota, Dr. Mason wishes to speak with you out in the hallway,” said Mrs. Laray, the English teacher.
Dakota rose from her chair, bent the corner of the page she was reading and left the classroom to go into the hallway.
“Hello, Miss Cosmic. How are things going?” Dr. Mason started out.
“Good, Dr. Mason.”
“I’m glad to hear that but I’m going to bet things are going to be great once you hear what I have to tell you.”
Dakota got excited and opened her blue eyes wide open.
“All the teachers and I have talked and we have decided to let you crack the code but with some conditions.”
“Oh I’ll do whatever I have to do.”
“First, you must only use the computer you have at home to decipher the code and crack it. Second, you must make sure that the people who sent the virus don’t know the name of who is working on it. Lastly, you must do it alone. Do you think you can manage all that?” Dr. Mason asked Dakota.
“Yes, sir! Thank you so much for this opportunity!”
“No problem. The only reason we are letting you do this dangerous task is because you are the smartest kid in the school, you have the highest GPA, and because the teachers have told me you look bored in the classes so we are giving you a challenge.”
“Thanks again.”
Dr. Mason nodded and said “Now, get back to class.”
As soon as Dakota got home, she went straight to her room and got out her laptop. She opened up the file that Dr. Mason sent her with the code. Immediately, all her screen had were numbers and foreign letters. Whew, this is going to be quite the challenge, Dakota thought.
Dakota spent 4 hours trying to decipher the code. She had gotten nowhere. All she had figured out was that whoever had sent it wanted all the data on the school’s computers, which included information about the Metropolitan area; maps underground, money, and other important classified statistics. Dakota at first thought why they didn’t just hack into the computers but realized to get the data, you needed permission. With the virus, if someone didn’t figure the code out and stopped it, in nine days, the virus would automatically hack and those people would have all the data. Dakota decided to sleep on it and went to bed.
Over the weekend, Dakota was searching up different types of code languages when she noticed she would need a lot of time to crack the case so she sent an email to Dr. Mason asking if she could have the next week off. He quickly replied that she could because desperate times call for desperate measures. Dakota spent the next five days trying to decipher the code. She had figured out what languages were used but still couldn’t decipher the code. It was Wednesday and there were only four days left. Dakota tightened up her ponytail worked even harder to figure it out.
ALLELUIA! Dakota cracked it! It was two days before the final date and she had cracked it! The code was actually a message and when Dakota deciphered it, she only had one more step until the virus would be gone. As soon as she finished that last step, BOOM, the virus was gone! Dakota felt so proud of herself! That same day, she went over to MIST and told Dr. Mason. He gave her an award in front of the whole school. Later, Dr. Mason talked to Dakota privately.
“I’m so proud of you and I’m so happy you cracked it. You really saved us! As an additional award, next year I am allowing you to choose your classes, which means you will never be bored again.”
“Yes! THANK YOU! But can I ask you a favor?”
“Can my best friend, Eloisa Kryptonite, join me? I had called her on the day this whole thing happened and she supported me the whole time, cheering me one”
“Yes, she may join you!”
“THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Nevertheless, Dakota and Eloisa were never bored again.



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